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“Paving the way to a new generation.”

A group designed specifically to train developers on product development and customer service. We hope you will take the information we place here and use it to your benefit for that is why this group has been created. We realize there is a lot of material and we will continue to increase information over time. Pace yourself and take time to understand all material presented. There's a lot of information you will want to absorb and put into practice. We suggest as you learn the different strategies and techniques that we share with you that you adopt them and put them into practice one at a time. Building a successful business is a step-by-step process and we guarantee you if you read the material in this group over a period of time, rather than trying to absorb it all at once, that you will not suffer from information overload. We are committed to help you build a successful online business, regardless of the product you are developing. You will learn from this group, and as long as you remain a member in good standing you will be invited to special conferences that our group will have in the future.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: HolyAngelWarrior
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2008-01-24 13:38:15
Members: 91

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Holla Board


HolyAngelWarrior: Congrats to Lilraindropz for advancing in meshing. Please visit his catty and show your support.

HolyAngelWarrior: Happy New Year folks.

HolyAngelWarrior: I'm glad you could make it over here. Feel free to explore and if you have questions just a...

Guest_Lilraindropz: Hi every one I am Rain. I am new to creating and I hope to learn from you all.

HizelDasHeart: Hi to all members and thanks to the owner who kindly invite me here hope i will learn from here t...

HolyAngelWarrior: 2013 Challenge is up for all. Good luck. You have till Jan 5th, 2013 to get entries in there.

MarisaPurity: I hope to make some products soon:)

Nobumoto: I will be moving in a few short days, so I wish you all good luck in the Workshop!! :)

HolyAngelWarrior: Welcome to the group. :D

mzicequeen: hello everyone.. this has been long time waiting for help in developing on here.. very excited :)

HolyAngelWarrior: Yes, it needed cleaned badly and I want to thank a few of my friends for helping me to do it. :3

AbrahamsDaisy: wow, you did clean house huh. xoxox

HolyAngelWarrior: Beginners Developers Workshop Trilogy to take place soon. Please see post regarding this.

AbrahamsDaisy: Yay, looking forward to networking with everyone. Have a blessed day.

HolyAngelWarrior: Welcome to the group. :D

Ladyskydansa: Thank you for the invite it is wonderful to be here :)

HolyAngelWarrior: Hey sis, glad you could make it. :D

LadySeraphinaIvy_disabled_57194617: Thank you, my dear Brother Holy for the invite, smile. Greeting Everybody and God Bless!

XxAlierahxX: Wicked thanks for the invite HAW!

HolyAngelWarrior: New 3ds Max Lesson Posted

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