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“Curves are IN!”

Calling all plus size avi's! Big is beautiful and it's time IMVU world start to recognize and embrace us for our beauty and intelligence.

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Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2008-05-28 10:35:54
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The Soapbox

Welcome to THICK! Modeling Agency!

Everyone, we have a recent graduate amongst us.....
Yippee Vainette!

<Thank you Vainette and Daihn and ThickSexySweet for your participation in the threads!

MODELS: This is the place to launch your imvu modeling career. I haven't seen an abundance in plus size models on imvu, therefore, plus size modeling is a wide open field. The problem is getting devs to recognize that curvy girls want to model also. That's where my agency steps in. I promise to do whatever it takes to ensure that my girls are hired as models. This is also a place for plus size models to befriend one another and to share thought and ideas. Me, being plus size on imvu is tough. Tough because clothing isn't as easy to find. Shoes that don't show the seam in my ankle is hard to find; all heads do not fit my body etc..... I don't want to waste my money (credits) on items that I can't utilize. This group is designed to help "us" find our way through the catalog. Only 10 plus size models will be chosen to represent this agency. Each model will have their own personal thread in which to post their pictures. I ask that you keep your thread fresh by posting new pictures every week. I will also have you post "theme" pictures in order to test your creativity. Every model will be featured in the soapbox area. (one model per week). As we grow, contests will also be added.

DEVELOPERS: Hopefully, THICK! will also have the honor of having models who are also developers! In any case, I ask that the developers who create plus size clothing, take a serious look at T!MA. Please feel free to post helpful information that may help the models achieve success in the dog eat dog world of imvu modeling. Each model will have their own separate thread for your viewing pleasure. We will also have a thread with suggestions from the models as to what they'd like to see as a plus size model.

The devs will also have a thread of their vey own in order to showcase their products and provide links directly to the featured items for our shopping convenience! NICE!!!!

An advantage of being in this group is that it doesnt require you be online everyday, you have your own threads, therefore, you post when it's convenient for you. There is no rule that states that you have to post everyday, I just ask that you keep pictures in your threads for the other members to explore.

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Vainette_disabled_13827824: Contact me if you want or wish to and I hope the best for all fo you on your journeys through lif...

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Ok everyone, its been fun but im leaving so i can look after my own group.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: the fashion thread with costumes. ty.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: ok the group is a bit dead if you have idea to liven it up please say so! Also I'll try up d...

Tatalishious1969: im here :D

Vainette_disabled_13827824: OK everyone heads up, if you aint posted in your thread by sept 24th its going bye bye.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: I hope everyone is still alive here o.o awful quiet.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: I am happy to announce that we have two new members, Curvations and StrwBryLuscious!

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Yes, another post in the fashion thread.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: another post in the fashion thread this time FEATUREING PANTS! lol enjoy

Vainette_disabled_13827824: ya ya ya as usual, new post fashion thread. ^_^

Vainette_disabled_13827824: We are now up to 8 PAGES in the Fashion Thread! WHOO HOO lol enjoy!

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Yet another post in the fashion thread!


Vainette_disabled_13827824: NEW POST IN THE WHAT IF THREAD. All of you PLEAsE take a look, ty -Vainette

Vainette_disabled_13827824: 2 more goodies added to fashion thread.

Vainette_disabled_13827824: All pictures are now loaded! -pouts- (didnt make it to 8 pages) oh well, hope you all like the pi...

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Two new posts in the fashion thread! Almost to 8 pages whoo hoo!

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Attention all, Do you like pin up or retro or just sexy costumes? Then check out the fashion thre...

Vainette_disabled_13827824: Attention all, Do you like pin up or retro or just sexy costumes? Then check out the fashion thre...

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