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“derive, derivable, content, creators, products, entreprenuers, developer”

This group works as a catalog. It's an easy way for developers to find products to derive from, promote thier work, get feedback, and connect with other devs. Derivable GA products only please :)

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Alyissapearl
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2007-11-27 04:56:05
Members: 3804

The Soapbox


As a developer, I found it very hard to find derivable items. And where ever I asked, there was no place where these items were gathered. That is what this group does. It's a place for creators to post their items, and for developers to easily find them.

We are a community within IMVU which grows fast. We recently passed over 2000 members.
This is something we are proud of, and we look forward to your contribution. As the owner, I - Polystyrene - ask you to read quickly through the rules. They will be updated after need. If these are broken, you will get a warning. If you continue breaking the rules, you will be reported to the groupowner, and possibly booted.

Don't forget to read:
Group Rules
Posting Information

Spam will not be tolerated.

As I am unable to reach over 6 million users, I need your help to tell
developers about this group, and help to make it as good as possible.

:: Where are the derivables? I only see questions and requests
Derivables are listed by content creator. The content creators' threads have a [creator] tag in front of them. An index of all creators listed can be found here. Another good way of finding them is to start on the last page, and then go forward.

:: Have a question about developing? Please post it here

:: Officers
If you need help, have questions or anything else, please contact one of the officers.

- Polystyrene
- Sinique
- Hellstrong
- Finue

Active Members

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PUPAZZA: hi to all members

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Alyissapearl: Ho to everyone, please feel free to message me with any queestions. Looking forward meeting you...

Polystyrene: Everyone please welcome the new group owner, Alyissapearl ^_^

Polystyrene: Need to hand this group over to someone else to run. Please message me if interested.

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