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“We seek peaceful co-existance with the beings of other dimensions.”

We travel through portals from other dimensions. Vaan Unohtaa, is our homeworld and we are the Velmier' Dar. A beautiful race of beings very in tune with nature. We offer peace before all else.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: HEmpTeareaSythera
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-04-28 14:44:01
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The Soapbox

The Velmier' Dar is the name of our species and Vaan Utohnaa is the dimension we are from. Sythera is the name of our Empire and our family name, it means Powerful Force.
Each of our names have a meaning in our language directly linked the element we're born under, assigned by the Twin Moon Goddesses at birth. Though our elemental magics are more powerful under the sign we were given, we may still perform spells using the other elements. We are born shape shifters, though we can only shift into things, we've seen, touched, and have relatively our same mass. Also they must have life in them. We cannot transform into something dead or inanimate to begin with. The only way to make ourselves look larger or smaller is to glamor it with magics, which is used only to confuse our enemies or potential danger. It's not sure defense though so be careful if you use this method. There older we get, the more we are able to combine our gifts, and abilities, becoming much more powerful mages, shape shifters, and warriors. We have a vampire nature, much like a human bat does. Except that we only drink the blood of our mates, or the High Priestess or Priest during our ceremonies, and during battle, the blood of our enemies.
The Sham Di' Nar on our world worship, the Great Old Ones or the Dark Old Ones that we are up against is Tal-Dae`Naj'Ri-Ul, meaning Evil that measures no bounds. These Gods were eons ago banished to the Outer Reaches of time and space. Yet, periodically they find a way to use the Sham Di' Nar once again to come back to our world and have so twisted the Sham Di' Nar that no one is certain what they're true appearance used to be. They primarily dwell in caves now and resemble snakish creatures. They use, as do their Gods, the element Metal, which has been forbidden from use except by only the highest trained in the Priestess/Priest Hood. The element itself has been so twisted, misused and enhanced, that whenever you bring out the magical aspect of it, it can pull you into the abysmal black with it, unless you know what you're doing. Though Metal can be saftely used on our world in a non magical capacity.
Many moons ago, one of our species discovered thin spots int he veil between dimensions of time and space. We learned to find and use these with little disruption to the natural veil itself. We use our shape shifting abilities to blend into these other cultures and learn about them and from them. We will only reveal ourselves if we feel collectively that we can trust them and they are a species like us, ruled more by curiosity and diplomacy than fear and hostility.
We do not believe in forced slavery, though we do have Dom's and Sub's but only of everyone's free choice and no abuse is tolerated. We allow other species to join us, but they must adhere to our rules, and be loyal to our way of life. We have several other species on our world with their Gods. .

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