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“Empowering Women within the IMVU community”

Sunflower Foundation is a non profit organisation. Mission Statement- To empower and develop life skills of women within the IMVU community. The Key thoughts are Respect, Honesty and Selflove.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: PrincessDeManos
Category: Community
Date Formed: 2014-10-18 19:46:49
Members: 82

The Soapbox


PrincessDeManos - Founder, Event Co-ordinator

TwystydMystyque- Executive Director, Motivational Speaker, Decorator

PrinceDeManos- Executive Director, Editor, Contests Manager

SabrinaDeManos- Receptionist,Founder's Assistant, Group Moderator


Active Members

    Flower Vase Cap
    Disciple of Christ OoMamasitaoO  Products SILVER RING - TAKEN Jadin & Token Jadin
    Free Xmas Ornament Partners in Crime Equalizer Anim Equalizer Anim 2 Sexy AF girl
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 1 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge H E A R T S Building Your Own Virtual World Starts Right Here! Click Banner.. JW.ORG Jadin & Token blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:39:34
    AntiSocial Heart I K R AAA
    Tom Turkey..What did the mother turkey say to her disobedient children..If your father could see you now..he/d turn over in his gravy... Thanksgiving 2 Thanksgiving 4 Happy Thanksgiving
    JJ* Designs by Jazzetta U.S. Support Im a Survivor I am Loved :3 Dont Judge ~GoldDelocks Autism Awareness CancerAwareness Childhood Cancer Awareness
    Chanel lip gloss YSL mascara
    Jadin Alien Letters D1 Alien Letters E1 Alien Letters R1 Alien Letters W2 5MiniPyre 6MiniPyre 7MiniPyre 8MiniPyre
    5Black 6Black 7Black 69Black 70Black 71Black 72Black 73Black 74Black 76Black

Holla Board


PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower Foundation members we will be back soon with bigger and brighter events and programs...

TwystydMystyque: The Sunflower Foundation will be closed for the rest of the holiday season. See thread.

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to DrAlexBlessJones for winning the November contest. Awesome work :D

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to DrAlexBlessJones and iSHAYii winners of the Orange IMVU Contest. Great work ladies :D

PrincessDeManos: Members please sign the membership agreement. Its very important. Thank you.

PrincessDeManos: Chuda and Anne welcome to Sunflower Foundation :)

PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower members please sign the membership rules. Thank you :)

TwystydMystyque: Hurry! Ladies get your Nov. contest entries in. You never know how good You are until you try.

PrincessDeManos: Looking forward to seeing everyone at Inner Circle tonight. :)

PrincessDeManos: Please sign the membership thread. Hope to see everyone soon :)

PrincessDeManos: I will like to thank the four ladies who decided to take part in the fashion show. :D

PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower members a new inspirational quote is in the thread. May it inspire you.

PrincessDeManos: Welcome to Sunflower Foundation Akira :)


TwystydMystyque: Congratulations Ladies!!!! Whoo!!!! *applauds* Keep on Shining!!!

NabeIa: :D Thank you!

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to our first Member of the Month BaddieChanel. Awesome lady! :)

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to the ladies who won the October contests. Great job ladies :D

PrincessDeManos: Welcome to new members. Please sign the membership thread. Hope to see you soon :D

PrincessDeManos: New Month ladies, lets get excited and active in November. :)

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