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“Empowering Women within the IMVU community”

Sunflower Foundation is a non profit organisation. Mission Statement- To empower and develop life skills of women within the IMVU community. The Key thoughts are Respect, Honesty and Selflove.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: PrincessDeManos
Category: Community
Date Formed: 2014-10-18 19:46:49
Members: 85

The Soapbox


PrincessDeManos - Founder, Event Co-ordinator

TwystydMystyque- Executive Director, Motivational Speaker, Decorator

PrinceDeManos- Executive Director, Editor, Contests Manager

SabrinaDeManos- Receptionist,Founder's Assistant, Group Moderator


Active Members

    Skully Bow He is. Lips A Lips B Girl Gang Daisies
    Disciple of Christ OoMamasitaoO  Products SILVER RING - TAKEN Jadin & Token Jadin
    I Love You LIO
    HOT MESS Partners in Crime Equalizer Anim Equalizer Anim 2 Sexy AF girl
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 1 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge H E A R T S Building Your Own Virtual World Starts Right Here! Click Banner.. JW.ORG Jadin & Token blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:39:34
    AntiSocial Heart I K R AAA
    Love Notes FINDING HOPE Breast Cancer Awareness Lets Fight Cancer Together!
    JJ* Designs by Jazzetta U.S. Support Im a Survivor I am Loved :3 Dont Judge ~GoldDelocks Autism Awareness CancerAwareness Childhood Cancer Awareness
    Chanel lip gloss YSL mascara
    Jadin No Nonsense! Im a Princess 2 Haters Gon Hate Love Me or Hate Me

Holla Board


PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower Foundation members we will be back soon with bigger and brighter events and programs...

TwystydMystyque: The Sunflower Foundation will be closed for the rest of the holiday season. See thread.

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to DrAlexBlessJones for winning the November contest. Awesome work :D

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to DrAlexBlessJones and iSHAYii winners of the Orange IMVU Contest. Great work ladies :D

PrincessDeManos: Members please sign the membership agreement. Its very important. Thank you.

PrincessDeManos: Chuda and Anne welcome to Sunflower Foundation :)

PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower members please sign the membership rules. Thank you :)

TwystydMystyque: Hurry! Ladies get your Nov. contest entries in. You never know how good You are until you try.

PrincessDeManos: Looking forward to seeing everyone at Inner Circle tonight. :)

PrincessDeManos: Please sign the membership thread. Hope to see everyone soon :)

PrincessDeManos: I will like to thank the four ladies who decided to take part in the fashion show. :D

PrincessDeManos: Hi Sunflower members a new inspirational quote is in the thread. May it inspire you.

PrincessDeManos: Welcome to Sunflower Foundation Akira :)


TwystydMystyque: Congratulations Ladies!!!! Whoo!!!! *applauds* Keep on Shining!!!

NabeIa: :D Thank you!

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to our first Member of the Month BaddieChanel. Awesome lady! :)

PrincessDeManos: Congrats to the ladies who won the October contests. Great job ladies :D

PrincessDeManos: Welcome to new members. Please sign the membership thread. Hope to see you soon :D

PrincessDeManos: New Month ladies, lets get excited and active in November. :)

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