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“The home of creativity”

We are a group dedicated to artists and fashion. Join our contests and meet the hottest developers and models in here. We decided to make this group GA, so please follow our rules.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: SmokedMirror
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2012-02-29 02:36:19
Members: 1502

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MrsDragonLover: got it thanks..

MrsDragonLover: can someone tell me how to do a banner for the soap box with the link to your shop in it?

GretchenX: Im saying bye to the group, there is no activity

oOMandaPandaOo: hello :)

XUngeilingX: hi?? :(

SirenaRoga: RL has a way of creeping up on us all. I'll try and sort things as much as I can this weeken...

SirenaRoga: Hi Everyone. Sorry again for us not being around or attending to the group.

XllChikillX: good night... cuando es la entrega de creditos?

Guest_aDamkonz: hey im newbie in this group i hope and i wish i can join your contest well and i wish i can win h...

FeliciaDivine: I get so busy i do not get involved enough, i will enter the next contest :)

FeliciaDivine: Many of us have gone through that...welcome back Elia and eating our brains though :p

EliaDesigns: Sorry all I had some problems with my meds, was a freaking zombie for a few weeks :/

Glim: Take your time SM mods <3 We know real can kick our bums sometimes

Poiz: who can enter conteste?

SirenaRoga: Hi all. Apologies for our absenteeism - RL is kicking our bums atm. We'll try be back on tra...

FeliciaDivine: Hugs Ebil Mouse O Bling :)

ShadowsTealsong: run fer it, the ebil mouse has arrived.........

LouLeDiviNe: hi pretty people have a great week

TarynMM: I would like to thank everyone for the amazing messages i have gotten being this month covermodel...

HBTN: congrates all very beautiful entries