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“Choose your Path....”

This is the clan not the rank be4 it was a rank the name sennin was the last name of a known father of all ninjas ,and creator of ninjutsu Rokudou sennin is the holder of a lost bloodline Rinnegan.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Jason718_disabled_6421217
Category: Anime
Date Formed: 2008-01-15 08:40:37
Members: 7

The Soapbox

Rinnegan is the most powerful doujutsu among the three great eye techniques in Naruto manga comic, the other two doujutsu are Sharingan and Byakugan. Rinnegan transmigration eye or sometimes called metempsychosis eye which referred to reincarnation or rebirth is characterized by a number of concentric ripple-like circles around the pupil of the user. This power being said to be able to bring salvation when the world is in chaos or destroy the world reducing everthing to dust. Rinnegan is the advance bloodline inheritance limit and was originally possessed by Rokudou Sennin the Sage of the six paths, Rokudou Sennin is also the founder of the ninja world and the creator of ninja techniques called ninjutsu. Currently Pein the Akatsuki leader is the only known user of Rinnegan power.

Active Members

    LADYHAWKE EZ badge * K e i 18+ 3 M Team *RZ*Notzy

Wisdom Board


Blazeofakatsuki_43253894_retired_43253894: the names Blaze im from the Land of Demons as a child I grew up with special eyes knows as Rinneg...

Kenscar: im a sharringan half rinnengan

ObitoUchihaa: hey black rinnegan family rulez was sup my comrades

Jason718_disabled_6421217: hey dude welcome to the clan

ObitoUchihaa: Yo whats sup im obito some of you know me ^.^

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