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“Roleplay Rules , T1 , T2 , T3 , T4 , T5”

These are the rules for the imvu roleplay. Also all the rules for all combat used in imvu. If its missing, add it in. Thank you for respecting the imvu rules and have a good day.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Cetaphil
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-05-26 12:15:17
Members: 4110

The Soapbox


I would like to thank the supporters of the roleplay group.

Active Members

    The Queen
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Be Respectful.


HeyItsJesse: Hey everyone

lRevelryl: Reopened Myst Rp, looking for anyone needing a new home. War is brewing do you hear the drums?

Guest_xMeikyelx: helloe

Guest_kingnoah5655: hi

Guest_kingnoah5655: hi

LethalHeartsBane: we train in t1 and t5 come on in Lethal Fight Zone

JasonDragonMoonX: just want to know how not saying i want to

JasonDragonMoonX: how do i become a t5 or go into training

Guest_baddiekk: i would love to roleplay its really fun :)

Guest_DillyGaming123: I love roleplays

Ezer: You probably didnt see this []

DjLokiLove_disabled_121134236: just wanted to say thanks for all the hard works guys love ya!! xoxoxo

XxRebelMoonx: need to know the rules on kills can someone message me on it

Guest_Aquqablue_retired_133335950: Hello my first time on imvu hope its as much fun as everyone says

LordCainKnightLord: Helow everyone, im starting a Crusnik rp looking for guards, knights, etc,Executioner,ty

Guest_saidh: hello im new .. thanks to DarkDominque

Cranezy: Would a mod or the owner be kind enough to contact me, thank you.

Guest_Bewell_retired_144052286: is this game on messaging? nothing else

Guest_cinzaffre: hello there , I would like to join to room or invite me. so I can learn how to role play better....

LordSageDiVosod: Can someone RP as death itself?

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