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“Roleplay Rules , T1 , T2 , T3 , T4 , T5”

These are the rules for the imvu roleplay. Also all the rules for all combat used in imvu. If its missing, add it in. Thank you for respecting the imvu rules and have a good day.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Cetaphil
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-05-26 12:15:17
Members: 3710

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I would like to thank the supporters of the roleplay group.

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Be Respectful.


Guest_saidh: hello im new .. thanks to DarkDominque

Cranezy: Would a mod or the owner be kind enough to contact me, thank you.

Guest_Bewell: is this game on messaging? nothing else

Guest_LunaGreylock: Hi everyone! So happy to find this group of likeminded people in my situation. Teach me all plz!!...

cinzaffre: hello there , I would like to join to room or invite me. so I can learn how to role play better....

PhoenixArcaneEmbara: Can someone RP as death itself?

Guest_DivyaVeda: Hey, everybody. I am very new to IMVU roleplaying. Happy, there is a group to help! #Yay.

Guest_shadowkez92: im new here and would like to get back in to roleplaying as i have been mia for a while

Guest_shadowkez92: hi

ScarletXAshes: New to the group, looking to refine my roleplay skills and get back into things.

JamesSeaker: Hello im new this form of role play and hope that this group will clearify some questions I have

llzerimaRacisseJll: My mind is a open book ready to learn :) glad to have found the group!

Cameron0115: Hello I have been on imvu for 4 years and now looking forward to beeing in this group :)

QueenMysticDarkStar: Hello just wanted to refresh on Rp rules they are always changeing on here lol ty for the group :...

Guest_SultryTenderness: Hello! I'm new to IMVU but not to roleplaying. Taking a moment to read up on what's bee...

Guest_deliriousdive: Just joined IMVU today, total noob to everything.

Guest_Kiki25660: hello im new !!!!

SkylarMoonCrystal: hello

LucreciaValinteen: glade to see this group up keep up the good work

Guest_kristinakutekid: HI I'M NEW!!!!!:]