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One respect the Mods Two you can post Guidlines on role-plays to be in action or have already gone in action. No spamming over and over and over. Don't GODMOD excessivly for stupid .

Membership: Open
Group Owner: JewelLiaAlexandrias
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-08-10 13:36:11
Members: 23

The Soapbox

Alright Seph, you here? Tifa? Zack, Nurath, Lyn, Drakon, Dariz, Charmer.... Hikari,

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Holla Board


Guest_8TifaLockhart8: Are you there??

Guest_8TifaLockhart8: yes srry

JewelLiaAlexandrias: Tifa you here?

JewelLiaAlexandrias: Tifa you here?

JewelLiaAlexandrias: Drakon is the supreme expert RP-er*awards bowl that never runs out of perfect temperature Ramen*

DaRiz: Second

DrakonMacar: First