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Rhyaine: Mistress of the Realm of Dhadamuli

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~ Dhadamuli a Realm with many Kingdoms. Rhyaine, a vampire demon hybrid; and Leader. Three generations on she now controls the elements - rain, thunder, lightning; hail and water including all metals

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: Rhyaine
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2008-03-14 22:51:07
Members: 2769

Active Members

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Holla Board


SISRUIX911: Atl least in the light, your ass doesn't trip over every damn thing, lol.

SISRUIX911: Step into the light, the darkness is just that, dark and not so pleasant.

SISRUIX911: Happy Holidays to all , and I hope everyone had a blessed 2017. Ik I have been blessed.

babygirlx29: Dark greatings everyone

hauler45: I'm here...sometimes.....not that it matters or anyone cares

AphroditeVrykolaka: anyone still active here msg me

hellwar: Its been long time

SISRUIX911: Ugh feeling not so good, but loving the cloudy day and rain and wind.

ElderIcelia: Been a long time... but I am back around

Rhyaine: back!

oooGHOSTooo: where are you Rhyaine ?

Nightwisj: checking in heyy

D3m1tr13sBlackH3art: hey all :)

FrankGrimm: bugger it was meant to be kiss your hand..!!!! lol

FrankGrimm: so glad to see so many new faces, and let this slimey Vampire be the first to lick your hand

hauler45: *peeks in*

ElahehMinxSlaughter: I hope to See some Allies at the princess coming out party tomorrow

MrsNIGHTStalker: It has been a very long time; but, it is my hope that you will still have me. "B)"

Nightwisj: bck home xx

D3m1tr13sBlackH3art: ty i have missed you all an there is some new faces :)

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