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“Raccoon Camp”

We are Raccoons who have gathered in search of others like us. The true nocturnal bandits who do as we please! This is a camp where we can be ourselves! Enjoy and knock over every trash can you find!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: JuneMother
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2008-07-03 01:58:50
Members: 22

The Soapbox


A gathering of Nocturnal Bandits in search of more like us! Come socialize, invite other raccoons, attend fun Camp Meetings, and help our species grow! The greatest group made for just us raccoons, Yay! :)

All new arrivals must at least post one message in the topics before you can become a certified Raccoon Comrade!

Camp Meetings are scheduled during the evenings where we go to dance, play games, tell stories, and just plain have FUN! Come in and enjoy! Ask any of our group officers for more Info! ( Zatx Mauricio2008 xXGlaceonXx )

Special Thanks to BB for the image work

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Holla Board


1389AD: I now have raccoon whiskers for MALE as well as female avatars. Check my catalog!

sitca: hello? im baaaack! :3 eh? anyone...HELLO?! O , o

SpuderZ_disabled_14573178: Whats this? Spud returns? :O IT CAN'T BE!

JuneMother: Mmmwah, Maur ^^

Mauricio2008: pouncess on everyone* =3

1389AD: I just made a Raccoon Biggie Size Stamp... free to group members!

JuneMother: WB sweety! mmwah ^^

1389AD: Been offline because of bad connectivity. I'm baaaack!

oOraccoonOo: I had my surgery everyone! I'm doing well!

Zero3384: and that is why i,ve been gone so long

Zero3384: hey all zero here, jus lettin ya know my comps been dead

SaintRaccoon_disabled_6162037: Welcome Sora ^^ The trashes are at the door. XD Feel free to help yoruself. X3

JuneMother: She finally got her new coonie! :)

JuneMother: Everyone please welcome SoraTheAvatar, our new arrival ^^

SaintRaccoon_disabled_6162037: hehe Time to Take Care of this baby ^^: *take sout hsi Rider's crop* (LOL XD)

oOraccoonOo: Everyone feel free to come to raccoon underground public room! link is in post! xD

Zero3384: true

SaintRaccoon_disabled_6162037: You Never Know :3

Zero3384: I feel so out of place here....x.x

SaintRaccoon_disabled_6162037: Hi hi Every coons Be sure to look and psot on here folks ^^ -ows-