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A pokemon RP group where everyone can come and enjoy.. first at all this takes place at the silva region and after some time there will be events and new regions to discover! so lets enjoy it ^^

Membership: Open
Group Owner: RenZamu
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-05-10 04:08:36
Members: 16

The Soapbox

Hello all welcome to this group i hope u like it!!! remember i'll be here if u have a question or a problem now have a nice time in here~! ^^

And now to the favorite thing by me xD the pokemon of the week!

Mew : 151

New specie pokemon
Ability: Synchronize Type 1: psych Type 2: ---
Height: 1'04" Weight: 8.8 lbs
Information about mew: Appereantly it appears to only those who are pure heart and have a strongh desire to see it, and it also haves the genetic codes of all pokemon so it can use all type of techniques.
I choosed mew because for me he is like the stronghest pokemon, and also because its the last pokemon in the kanto pokedex and after that came the new region johto so now wer at the same thing with the hiunn region arent we? ^^


WINNER OF THE BREEDER CONTEST : EMMERALD (EMMY) She will get a nice prize (rare pokemon) keep being the best breeder emerald!

Soon the pokemons of pokemon black & white will be with us and we will enjoy
from them!

the next contest will be in Darkenville town its seems like the contest are
gonna be changed to a randomly city everytime. the contest will be at 18 of July

the events expires at -- : of --
Have fun!

Have fun! ^^ And i hope we get lot of pplz in the group!

Active Members

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    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge I was loved {3 of 4} I was loved {4 of 4} I shared the love {1 of 4} I shared the love {4 of 4} Zombie Bunneh * K e i 4chan

Holla Board


iKonanChan: x.o im trying to figure out a name for my rpc's name x-o... -has pokemon picked out tho- x-o

RenZamu: ur approved now lawl there is no approved sign in here

Guest_Kemi1990_retired_56839253: I posted my trainer info. How long till I'm approved?

1horsecrazygal: Ren I'm going to be gone most of tomorrow...

Nixph: xwx i'll try to do more just not that good at it

Nixph: lolz ok i posted Renny X3 sorry it took so long

RenZamu: I'll continue udpating evrything later since i gtg to school =W=

SEXYSERENA16: oh fine.

RenZamu: like i said, u can become the poison leader but u'll need to b a boy and rp like a boy

RenZamu: nu sowwy..

SEXYSERENA16: i mean, cant i change the gender.

RenZamu: well.. since its a boy character..

SEXYSERENA16: awww, why cants it bes a girl?

RenZamu: well u can rp a boy if u want but remember Everyone will treat u like a boy....

SEXYSERENA16: aww damn,.....-gets sad- okey V_V......

RenZamu: you know its a male?

SEXYSERENA16: hey ren, can i be the poison type gym leader

RenZamu: im glad u like it kikyo x3

iKonanChan: ty for hte invite and sweet pokemon ^o^ ... -runs over for my cosplays, games, and cards- 8D

Nixph: lolz

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