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Pixel Pusher Community

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An internal IMVU group to support the Creator Community's ability to communicate in a REAL forum.

Membership: Content Creators only
Group Owner: Notorious
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2017-03-05 05:39:39
Members: 76

The Soapbox


Our Mission:
Become the top source for peer help and information on Creating for IMVU.
Encourage creators and artisans to better themselves in the art of making new content for and about IMVU.
Be an accepting home for IMVU’s varied and vibrant Creative Community where we can all visit, share, get advice, discuss issues, socialize, and just have fun in a supportive manner.

Active Members

    big bling Bling Pixel Pusher Community Member Dev On. LuvableVenus Products Badge FootWear Badge Life is beautiful1 Life is beautiful2
    TRANGENDER One Hit Wonders Libra Badge OnlyHD-B01 AlexisTaz  AlexisTaz 2
    gaf210 Sun Badge! HEY! Jamo & Pritzy Sailor Saturn Laura Loves You You give me butterflies~ LGBT+ Pride! Loveable Badge Asexual Pride IMVU LGBT Pride 2015
    Pixel Pusher Community Member Blink Equalized Creator Token
    Pixel Pusher Community Member Hell Yeah Im a Princess lady sil 5
    ROYal Pain Free Random Badge
    BunnyCakes My eyes
    U.S.A. Heart ROC One To Kiss Me ROC One Because I ROC One To Get Off ROC One Because I Can Be a Bi%h Sometimes Karma Has No Expiration Less Hot Version of Me Wolf Spirit Designs
    Apple of my Eye
    Element of Honesty Nocturnal Embassy Shopping Mall Ellohym II Ellohym Luvs Me Circus of Scars Unique Avatars Keodi NEXT SUCKS!! Evanescence PixelNymph
    Black Wolf The Crow by wBlackWolfw Wolf Yin Yang
    CanadianHip & Belle2 Unbreakable

Holla Board


MandaMarie: It's so awesome seeing all the animated PPC badges in the members list here. :D

Twiddybird: Well damn, I never even knew there was a group page but glad to be here now, better late than nev...

Notorious: Welcome!

LuvableVenus: Proud to be a Pixel Pusher :D

BunnyCakes: Hello! :P

Notorious: Don't forget to invite your friends to Pixel Pusher Community

Inescia: Thank you. Hello everybody!

WaYaSkyEyes: thanks for invite , waves to room

oOChrissyOo: Hello Everyone! Nice group :)

Beige: seen your pulse ! just joined . hello everyone

Comma: Ello~

Notorious: Don't forget to invite your friends to join!

BunnyCakes: Hello World!

Notorious: waves!!!!

CRISTYMOON: hello :)

LizzieBorden: *waves - HEY everybody! X( =^.^=

MandaMarie: Manda is in the buildings! (: D

Kuylian: ";)" Salut ! merci pour l'invitation "X(" "X(" / Hello...

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