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“Carpe Narem”

Can an omnipotent deity make a microwave burrito so hot that even he can't eat it? If you are preoccupied with philosophical pursuits, please come join.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Deliverance
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2007-09-11 16:34:51
Members: 539

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Group moderator: Schlagger.

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WillyBlues: LIve everyday as if you'll live forever, but will die tomorrow. Makes scheduling a bitch.

Guest_grullovegasgold: anyone breathing ?

Guest_grullovegasgold: i'm back , with a new id

MrOrion: Lots of religious folks coming to these groups lately.

Schlagger: I will be out of contact for a few weeks starting Wed the 20th, but don't worry I shall retu...

OnyxiaBlackthorn: Oh wow cool stuff to read !! thank you for making your group public I am loving it and hello :) -...

Deliverance: Click here 2 c what Google has on u

Deliverance: Oh my =(

Leest3: Hi everyone in this group, I'm leaving the group, thanks for everything. Bye :)

Guest_Tijre_disabled_81227624: Happy Belated Birthday - how was I to know :) - may God grant you many years!

Leest3: Happy Birthday Schlagger, have a great day! Hip Hip Hooray! :)-D

Deliverance: :)

Leest3: I hope you had a great back to basis holiday Deliverance :) WB.

Deliverance: Hi! Back from a Christmas retreat! Happy everything!!!

Leest3: To all, a very good and healthy 2012! X(

Guest_Tijre_disabled_81227624: Happy New Year! :)

Leest3: Merry Christmas everybody, have a great day!

Deliverance: Great debate: Hitchens v McGrath

Deliverance: ?

Guest_Tijre_disabled_81227624: they want more govt. intervention - LOL