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OMG! Premades, DP's & More.

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“We've got cookies.”

A group for art lovers to get together and sell, show-off & critize each others work. But especially to make new friends! Join today :3.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Kiah
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2011-08-02 04:18:10
Members: 1470

The Soapbox


Welcome to
OMG! Premades, DPs & More.

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Ideas and Suggestions
Thread for: Problems, Watchout List & Questions to Mods
Kiah | Meredi
xMiabelle | AmdisDragoon | XxXIce1XxX | XxDoNotDenyMexX

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Group Rules.
-Be nice to each other-
-No stealing-
-Be respectful to everyone-
-No drama-
-Pay if people are charging for their work-
-Don't double threads-

PM (co-)owner and/or officers if any problems occur

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Adieu: [] Female premades 5k each

Baeby: <- Ragash Graphics Single 7k cpl 10k :) check out my albums♥

Librae: Looking for someone to make a couple picture will not spend over 5k thanks!

MutilatedDesolation: Doing 5-10K Dp's! Samples in my album,

Guest_SashaGrace: Looking for someone to make me a DP! please message me! (really not looking to spend to much)

Librae: I need someone to make a couple premade will spend 5k to 10k nothing more.

KelDoll: it's me, KelDoll-usually have Cel do my dps, but He's so busy...lately. Hit me up-I h...

Calviin: Looking for someone to do a couple DP request

Hippocampe: Looking for someone to do a couple DP request.

Jiyeong: Open 7k Dp requests ♥ Sample

Guest_Bingiful: Looking for some premades on the cheaper side..

Librae: Looking for premade displays will spend 5k only add me if you have any to sell. thanks

XxAblazeIcyxX: I'm looking for someone who does Couple's Dp's

Assize: <6k Premade DP Art Male> Link: [ [] ] my first dp btw

Oceanus: is anyone still open for DP requests? I bought a bunch of credits today to commission someone.

Jiyeong: Repost:[samples]

Jiyeong: ♦Open for DP requests♦ Pm me♥ [url=

Mellos: Looking for a premade dp

Guest_Saijuxin: I'm open for DP requests, pm me if interested. c: EX: []

Guest_AlphaBeat29: :: SECOND NEW ANIMATED FEMALE PREMADE :: : ► [] ◄ : PM me. ^^

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