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“We've got cookies.”

A group for art lovers to get together and sell, show-off & critize each others work. But especially to make new friends! Join today :3.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Kiah
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2011-08-02 04:18:10
Members: 1671

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Welcome to
OMG! Premades, DPs & More.

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Kiah | Meredi
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Group Rules.
-Be nice to each other-
-No stealing-
-Be respectful to everyone-
-No drama-
-Pay if people are charging for their work-
-Don't double threads-

PM (co-)owner and/or officers if any problems occur

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Zolazion: I'd love for someone to do me a free DP. Only one and in any style ewo. Message if possible....

Henwen: Have some premades in an album! I take credits but prefer paypal at the moment! Also doing custom...

Meloish: Anyone willing to do a freebie for a couples dp for me? Message me if you're willing thanks...

Jestera: hello! finally got a new tablet and looking to get back into making dps~

IVIellow: Doing Dps for 7k creds or £5 pre-mades and customs available on my homepage or inbox me!

Bleah: 2 new male premades! :)

Bleah: new premade! check it out on: 'Premades' :)

llDKLAll: 5k-8k ^~^

llDKLAll: Msg me if u want a dp made by me♥

Bleah: two new premades 5k each

Bleah: click Selling for 5k!

Derieved: Need a Dp help xD

iiYanaSamaii: Posted my new premade DP :) Check it out! at [Art] Premades 2014

Joyella: Am willing to customize anyones Dp!! INBOX ME pLS <3

IVIellow: New premades done! check homepage or message for custom c:

oJaxz: Looking for someone to do cartoon style DP for me! Can pay via credits ♥♥♥

Scabiosa: [color=pink] I make manga dps for 5k! Couple dps available also! See my album for examples.[/colo...

Bleah: [] Female premades 5k each

Carie: <- Ragash Graphics Single 7k cpl 10k :) check out my albums♥

Callaa: Looking for someone to make a couple picture will not spend over 5k thanks!

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