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“A setting where modern meets medieval.”

An open storyline. A realm of trials, where one rises to the challenges or falls to defeat.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: EmpyrealRevere
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-01-24 10:11:50
Members: 29

The Soapbox


For all rooms in relation to this storyline, just type in Nyxares or Torant for keywords in the room search.

Need a taste of the modern age but like our settings? No problem! Just click on the picture below and be taken to the group page of the modern fictional city this realm shares a world with,

A place where the supernatural lurks in the shadows and the humans rule as the front-runners.

Our Developers

Active Members

    aces (part 1) aces (part 2) Ground
    -Blood Moon- ~Shy~ Lotus of Retribution Nyxares Torant RP 38RB - Alphabet - Z 38RB - Alphabet - ii Lupus-|The Garou |-Werewolf
    Leader The Alpha llREDll Support #1 llREDll Support #2 Lupus-|The Garou |-Werewolf ITS NOT MY FAULT,,YOUR FACE RAN INTO MY FIST. 0_o
    New moon Lupus-|The Garou |-Werewolf Deuces Mkfas .l. Roleplayer! No One Cares Aww Get Over Yourself
    Queen Badge (Owner: HADI) Sexy AF Rose Red Red - AeoniumRed
    :: Thurisaz :: Thorn the Giant :: Nyxares Torant RP 24Black 26Black You Know Where To Go II You Know Where To Go + Originality: WIN + Hardcore Never Dies
    Your new motto. You are stronger than you think. [M] Baka Lotus of Retribution Your blood. My pleasure. Cant keep calm New moon Sucker Punch!
    :: Thurisaz :: Thorn the Giant :: Nyxares Torant RP Where The Story Takes You Bookshelf Slay: Shop Nahty
    Stay Calm and Carry a Crossbow For Those That are True Norse Pt1 For Those That are True Norse Pt2 [Tiwaz Rune] Youre ugly :) Thor Cross Thor Cross2 Thor Cross3 Thor Cross4
    lifeblood  I will endure till the end of time torn away from you. Hananoaoi RavegeGT Design M ~ P~ R ~ T ~ V~

News, Updates, Quick concerns


UndeadNature: Ouuuu tip toes into nyxares forums

LotusNemesis: Hope all had good holidays and I hope whom can, will start coming back now.

HidetoshiNamikoRain: Torandos have happened, and the hurricane does not pass Florida until late Monday.

HidetoshiNamikoRain: Hurricane Irma has made landfall in Florida. It will be riding up west coast.

LotusNemesis: Be safe all.

LotusNemesis: Good luck to all who have been, and are in the path of hurricanes.

EtherealRevere: Some players are in areas dealing with a hurricane, some might be unreachable if power goes out.1...

BirdyNerezzaSinn: -Continues to slink along the wall then dramatically looked at the camera- 8D

CoherentSnuff: Hang in there, Imvu is having technical difficulties. Servers are down nation wide.

InconnuLovage: watches the security footage

BirdyNerezzaSinn: -Pink Panther song comes on as she sneaks along a wall- B|

UndeadNature: -runs and pokes everyone before running back to Torant page-

LotusNemesis: Belated Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year.

Inanimae: Seasons tiding happy holidays to all !

IICREATEDII: Messages sent out to those still requiring bio or with unknown status

Inanimae: toshiro says his computer has kicked the bucket and that he will try to update bio when can.

EmpyrealRevere: My thanks to all who helped with the transferring of rp logs from this group to our private forum...

CoherentSnuff: Nyxares bio thread is cleaned up and updated

CoherentSnuff: squatters have been removed

CoherentSnuff: Nyxares mods: don't forget to post updated room info to private forums

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