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Nocturnal Embassy

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“The Nocturnal Embassy welcomes all creatures of the night....bring within these halls, your visions.”

An avatar art and unedited outfit contest group + headquarters for NocturnalEmbassy and DEVATHON contestants

Membership: Open
Group Owner: NocturnalEmbassy
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2008-06-13 11:15:08
Members: 2528

The Soapbox


Active Members

    Córas Iompair Éireann DA5 GothicGarden SilverBead Eris Reflections Nocturnal Embassy JimmieRose
    GothicGarden dcdani friends Janetted and Partners .:H E L L I N:. With All My Love From the Depths ~ Aquaphire Devathon Developer Challenge! Beautiful People Nocturnal Embassy Unique Avatars Nocturnal Embassy Headquarters
    GothicGarden Boris Janetted and Partners Devathon Developer Challenge! Devilish Designs RoseTempest Congratulations Top 3 Winners Nocturnal Embassy Contest Nocturnal Embassy Congratulations Finalists Nocturnal Embassy Nocturnal Embassy Headquarters
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 1 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 3 Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 4 Badge The Royal Empire of Darcangele 1ShellLaeta1
    MsPixelicious CNL bluest0rm MrHioksu The Queen Happy Springl Times! Amazing Developer Royal Models YanomaK Oficial Badge Cymricmanx RD ...Dvine Designs ||Photoshop|| Designer
    OoMandaPandaO0 oOMandaPandaOo With All My Love From the Depths ~ Aquaphire ~ Vanishing ~ Puddles Panda-I/M NOT FAT I/M JUST FLUFFY Nocturnal Embassy Headquarters the muse is not an artistic mystery, but a mathematical equation
    ~ ..Planet Earth.. ~ Vampire .. I Can/t Adult Today Canada! Proud of myself Friends Forever Fishtank Badge
    Pixel Pusher Community Member Es Badge Jerry Sound Music Saves My Soul .- Blue EQ Badge
    Rhiannanne .:H E L L I N:. ~ Proud 2 B - D U T C H ! ~ oooOOOooo Box of Honour OUTFITTER PRIDE MEDAL! - Alessandra Congratulations Finalists Nocturnal Embassy Star Avatars Group :M A TT E O U:
    Drop Dead Gorgeous Catch me if u can...... feather
    CatSciousness D|D|B Group Badge I <3 Pot +Follow+ +Deadly Kiss+ +Your Heart+ ~Essence of Dark Venom~ Mental Health Awareness Melting

Good mourning...


Lucials: Congrats winners!!!!great job!

AtreyuRain: Free Githic / industrial / dark wave / new age.. band logo badger on profile..cheek it out

Lucials: Thank you Manda!! -hugsss!-

oOMandaPandaOo: **Happiest Birthday Lucials**

Aquaphire: Check Chit-Chat thread for Photobucket image recovery trick :D

PirateQuillsSeaWolf: Arrr! We Be Awakenin' also slowly and plan to be so active it will make your graves vibrate...

GothicGarden: teehee! :D

RavenWitchNightShade: WooOoooot!:) GG!:)

Sargantana: waiting :D

Aquaphire: Lovely dark things are stirring...

GothicGarden: Please check the thread "nice things happen to those who wait" :)

zeexyohana: HappY New Year

Aquaphire: The silent night is coming,,,

LuButterfly: Merry Christmas dears! :)

CASKABEL: Holaaaaaaaaa...estoy vivaaaaa..los extraño

Aquaphire: *fluffls the cobwebs a bit and feeds the bats* :)

NutJob: Dito !! great group

Ardaiigh: Thanks so much! Congrats to all!!

Sargantana: Damn problem with photobucket..all the soapbox looks dismantled *grumbles*

Shiroi001: Thanks for the invite . Im so honoured and really appreciate <3

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