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    Shinobi Elder Tengu Shinobi Nation Clan Lord Jinchuuriki Sage Shinobi Legend Konohagakure
    Akatsuki Head-Band v1 Ultimate Ninja Badge Akatsuki Organization Akatsuki Ring: Gai Uchiha Clan Badge Madara Mangekyo
    Akatsuki Organization Uchiha Clan Badge Kirigakure Badge Sunagakure Badge Otogakure badge Kakashi Mangekyou Itachi Mangekyou
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Guest_pokemonEX: :| :^

Guest_pokemonEX: XD

Guest_pokemonEX: :) :O :I :P :] :S :D

Guest_pokemonEX: hi guys :)

XXXAnimeFan: i have two badges on my page.. but they are not naruto badges.

Shisoka: Auto Grant badge for the Boil Release? (Mei Terumi's kekkei genkai.)

Guest_UzumakiNarutoline: Hi. I want to know where to get the badges.:S

Lipur: How do I get the Naruto headband badges? ._.

Guest_MISARUKA: I want badges with Naruto, but i cant find ;///

Guest_sasukekillerOo: thx seenji

Guest_Innoc3ntMe: Can anyone tell me how to get the ninja headbands. D;

Guest_rodrygo15: i wan badges naruto,sasuke and minato...please

Guest_TheRealNarutoOne1: finally thank you seenji

Guest_narutohokageorchid_disabled_110603967: thanks seenji next time i will see you

Guest_seenji: []

Guest_seenji: i wan badges naruto,sasuke and minato...please =.=

Guest_seenji: i love you so much because that your ninja ways i wan ninja but i don't has credits

Petra: 4 Naruto character badges made so far: Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto & Hinata! Next up is Konan! Don...

iiSobeii: Can anyone help me out with some Naruto badges. Like the different Sharigans. Please :o

Petra: New Naruto badges for sale & trade! Check my homepage for details!