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“A place to Learn, Practice and Share!!!!!”

A group to learn something new, to practice something you are mastering or to share your knowledge with others. This group is an expansion of the group Not Quite Pro Yet and is open to all CCs.

Membership: Content Creators only
Group Owner: BrandiwyneH
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2008-06-29 22:32:40
Members: 754

The Soapbox


OWNER: BrandiwyneH

I have labeled all categories with symbols for easy browsing as follows:

!!!!! for General Group Threads

+++++ for IMVU Tutorial Threads

>>>>> for 2D Tutorial Threads

***** for 3D Tutorial Threads

****NOTE: This is an all ages group so please refrain from posting any profanities or inappropriate material of any kind. Doing so will require me to take action and depending on the nature could result in removal from the group.

Please don't plagerize, if you are found to be doing this your entry will be removed, as you will be too. If you find you are the owner of a tutorial that is posted here and you did not post it and you are not given credit please contact me by pm to report this. Please leave any accusations out of these threads.

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Holla Board


SeliaQuinzel: hello i came by upoun ur group thoughgt i check it out sooo hello feel free to message me :D

neonpirate: Hello, just joined and will be looking at tons of threads. :) feel free to get ahold of me.

LadyShebaTime: hello all im new here and new to creating so any ideas on how to do it would help ...thanks :)

SelinaSharday: Hi anybody home yet smiles hello everyone

IClown: yal a get good 1 day but if you stalin waitin for idea's that might back fire: Not tadey par...

IClown: i been a member for years, and no one in this group help me-yal gotta get wit the program lol

IClown: Not Quite pro yet Hah dats a laugh: letme tel u bout black mail lmfao2x

XxrocksteadyxX: hello new to group

STARPURPLE: auto badge blinger on my page if anyone would like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

SexualSin36: Hey I just joined, I made my first tat and it's in peer review. I am on all most everyday.

Tigerlove08: please vote for me in outfit chal. dance angel is me and a friend of mine is Flaming Tango


LadyKatDragonis: May you have a wonderful New Year filled with love and laughter.

IClown: do visit me? PLease i'm waiting

impulsivecutie: have a wonderful weekend.

Woolooloo: We're ready to learn to get some knowledge!

oldmanskullz_disabled_11504728: I'm no where near pro yet, so this sounds like a good idea, hi all :)

DropDeadDollie_disabled_19729187: Oh cool... saw this and just had to join :) *waves* lol

NativexoxKisses: Hello everyone! I just joined and Im very interested in learning new things! I will read first :)

MadCatClaudia: cool im glad i found this group i need alot of help with codeing

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