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“Namminliz Virtual Fashion Designer & Creator”

Namminliz is a team of graphic designer developer who aim to create a vibrant and lively designs.We're here to help you creating and developing, The perfect Design and illustrate it as your Idea!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: namil
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2009-06-02 11:51:27
Members: 2784

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Welcome to NAMMINLIZ ^)


namil: Happy to have you in MariMpDelarosa ^ - ^

MariMpDelarosa: tanks you for invite me , i hope to learn more

minilous: Good Afternoon IIluah :]

lILuah: good afternoon

namil: Welcome in ^ - ^

Tribus: Thank you :)

minilous: Hello Everyone! It's pleasure to welcome you to NAMMINLIZ ; ]

Tribus: Hey

EmeraldValkyrie: Thank you for the invite! I hope to learn all I can.

ElekGremory: thanks you for invite i beginner to creator

DarkQueenOfTheSnake: thanks for invite me :)

DarkQueenOfTheSnake: thanks for invite me :)

AY1N: thank you for invite

DJAngelDust: hello everyone and ty for the invite to the group

minilous: Welcome to NAMMINLIZ Everyone, We are Team of graphic design and creators :]

Vampiras: Thank you for invite me ♥

Ahya: hai dear everyone i doint no if i now member i got few invetation and not now how the group work,...

rabbitweed: hello

minilous: Welcome to NAMMINLIZ Kintore :], Pleasure to have you on Board ^^

K2P : Thanks for the invite

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