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“Namminliz Virtual Fashion Designer & Creator”

Namminliz is a team of graphic designer developer who aim to create a vibrant and lively designs.We're here to help you creating and developing, The perfect Design and illustrate it as your Idea!

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: namil
Category: Fashion
Date Formed: 2009-06-02 11:51:27
Members: 2322

The Soapbox


We are glad to Announce and Welcome you to the Launch of Our New Beta Online NAMMINLIZ Store at DigitalSellz!
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Our Products and Rights
Policy of namminliz, all our products are not refundable

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Welcome to NAMMINLIZ ^)


minilous: You're Welcome AD3, Glad to have you in ^^

AD3: Hi all !!! Thanks for invite:)

minilous: Welcome everyone to NAMMINLIZ and Glad to count you in ^^

AFR0DlTA: hello everyone. Thanks for the invite

IIIGabbana: Ty!

iHonored: looking for feet texture please help !!

iHonored: Thank you for the group invite !!!!!

minilous: You're Welcome Kumiko, Thanks for joining us ^^

Kumik0: Hello, thanks for invite me to the group

minilous: We are happy to welcome you in Barbatoz ^^

Barbatoz: thx for invite me to your group

minilous: Oi Tribus, Welcome to NAMMINLIZ ^^

Tribus: Oi

minilous: Welcome to NAMMINLIZ, hope you enjoy our group ^^

CoCoBlu3Bites: ty for the invite to the group

llAliSynll: TY for the invite much love to Y'all♥

minilous: I'm sure there is a Space for everyone and Pleasure to welcome you in ^^

KmiiWonka: Thaks for invite me :3 <3

MarySnowWolf: thank you for inviting me

MrLandonHart: ty you for the invite as of now I am only a pose maker

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