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Join the Merfolk of Valaria as they face the trails and tribulations they overcome to protect their world and struggle to keep it in balance. Part of DeLaRose Role Play.

Membership: Invite only
Group Owner: DayaAutum
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2016-10-09 00:28:52
Members: 55

The Soapbox

Quick Veiw of Rules, GM and Genre

The Merfolk of Valaria Role Play is a medieval fantasy full para RP done in cooperation with DeLaRose Role play and is set in the vast seas of Valaria, the home world of the Iron Dynasty. As part of that role playing realm, Anaya DeLaRose will have ultimate GM powers, however, Daya Autum has been granted authority to moderate the role play and construct the lore and direct this particular branch. It is a cooperative effort that will enhance and expand the Valarian world . While Anaya is the original creator of the realm itself please direct most questions to Daya Autum.
The Role Play is Para and Multi Para Role Play and the desired average is ten to twenty lines or even much more, However in order to be able to include those who wish to advance from lighter role plays I have lowered the minimum post down to 3 lines as opposed to the standard 5 lines so that those who wish to aspire to Para and Multi Para may start out and grow with us.
The RP is based upon an original Merfolk race of my own creation which is described in detail in the racial bio. It takes place in the sea or on shore and other races are welcome to take part. The race list will be the same as is found in the Iron Dynasty and the same rules shall apply. No Portaling, Teleporting, Sci fi, guns, anime, flash stepping, or anything more powerful than D&D level 5 red dragon and other rules also may apply.
Basic Setting, Population, and Story

In the world of Valaria, the peoples were meant to learn wisdom from the great dragon that they should become worthy to ascend to the sky above, to be taken to on high by the great and noble sky keeper herself. Below in the sea lurked the Leviathan, that great serpent and punisher of the wicked taking those who do evil into the depths of the sea that their bones may lie in the dark watery abyss for all time and trouble not the ascention of others. But things did not go as the gods had intended, for the great dragon began to loath the people of Valaria, and became jealous of the Sky Keeper above and slew her and took her wings for his own. The Leviathan rose from the sea and cursed the dragon and his offspring for what he had done, water would burn his and his descendants flesh. But the great dragon rose to the skies above, and called forth other dragons and the world of Valaria plunged into darkness.
The Merfolk were created to walk in the ways of the great Leviathan, to be punishers themselves and spread through the oceans of Valaria. They are free ranging and have no King or Queen, they are a violent blood thirsty race that roams the waters seeking evil to destroy it. With the fall of the Divine order of the world, their work is never done..

To learn more or join, please see DayaAutum

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