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Mabinogi: Shugo Rei Guild

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“I chose the light over darkness, now lets see what you choose.”

[Under Construction](Quote)The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one.

Membership: Invite only
Access: Public
Group Owner: Guest_MattySama_retired_32791296
Category: Games
Date Formed: 2008-12-25 08:08:45
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The Soapbox

~~~~~~~~We are the light that keeps shining, we are the Shugo Rei, the Guardian spirits of Erinn~~~~~~~~

O division(Knights of Light)
Leader -
Lt -

1st Division
Leader of Guild - MattySama (Char: Mattykun, Tarlach)
Lt -
2nd Lt -

2nd Division
Captain -
Lt -

3rd Division
Captain -
Lt -

4th Division
Captain -
Lt -

Healer Squad 1
Leader -

Healer Squad 2
Leader -

Healer Squad 3
Leader -

5th Division
Captain -
Tactition Captain -

Assassin Squad 1
Lt -

Assassin Squad 2
Leader -

Assassin Squad 3
Leader -

6th Division
Captain -
Lt -
7th Division
Warrior Trainer -
Bowman Trainer -
Mage Trainer -
Warrior/Bowman Trainer -
Warrior/Mage Trainer -
Bowman/Mage Trainer -

Support Division:

Bank Shugo Div Leader:

Shugo Shop members:

Active Members


Holla Board


Guest_MattySama_retired_32791296: wanna help me organize my guild :3

sammy2238: ello ^_^

Guest_MattySama_retired_32791296: *pokes sammy* hi :D