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“Role Playing Loki Fallen Truth Stories”

They say all souls have one; so i intend to prove this unhappy fact. (Role Playing stoires)Rules? should there be you might ask? Well, we'll come to that when i pour you a jello jiggler shot okay? ^_^

Membership: Open
Group Owner: KireiFallen_retired_25865054
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2009-01-25 17:50:09
Members: 14

The Soapbox

-Runs pass everyone screaming- "There coming to take me awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!"

Active Members

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Holla Board


DefqonTuna: Diamond, how is your simple minded life going now huh? Was it worth it in the end?

DefqonTuna: Funny how it takes 10 days for a person to get back to me, everytime.

DefqonTuna: The mightly (^)*^)%I mods are now becoming lost! Maha..haha...hahahhaha. Blame them self.

DefqonTuna: Don't read if your not going to talk to me or be a member, that is RUDE!

DefqonTuna: What? People turn into there self and change while some knew all along? Keep watching, soap not d...

DefqonTuna: You've got a deal, we'll talk away from here and i bet you have questions as i have no...

Guest_xoDoodleox: Kirei's fox, i need to tal to you but not here since emelie's real life friend watches....

DefqonTuna: If your not a member, then BE one and post in here. Not yell at me later since your not one. Dumm...

DefqonTuna: Do not come at me months later just to call me names since you do not write in here and not a mem...

DefqonTuna: You people are STUPID if you read what i write, rather post your own thoughts if you must

DefqonTuna: I know you A/V but you hid the icon, so yeah. Say hi to your wife. :) Maybe FF can A/V one day

GazingWulf: Skillet your how young and i am almost 40? I cannot be you. I wish i was younger.

DefqonTuna: ^____^

DefqonTuna: Removing her from the groups? I do not care, that would be mean but she can leave on her too.

GazingWulf: I know you didn't, she thinks your my wife. She thinks she knows everything. I can get rid o...

DefqonTuna: I didn't block that frisb, your wife did gaz. Like she says "KiKi," And she calls...

GazingWulf: I miss sinturkey.

DefqonTuna: Lets not forget about Sinturky this year. Bless those that have passed.

Guest_Rossellabear_retired_72012058: waves* hi everybody :)

FFrisbee_30207053_retired_30207053: i can't believe u blocked me kirei -.- unblock me right this instant!

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