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Legend of Zelda fans

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“Legend of Zelda fans...UNITE!!!!!”

All who want to join, only need a love of all Zelda games, no matter what console, no matter what title!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Jerome_old
Category: Games
Date Formed: 2007-09-27 17:23:53
Members: 1430

The Soapbox

Hello newbies, and previous members of the Zelda fan club!
If you haven't been here recently, things are getting pretty spammy up in here, so what?
At least we love Zelda as much as you do!

All you need is at least one Nintendo Zelda game, a lot of time on your hands, and be hard to frustrate.

Group Owner;

FrankMcfuzz, Yukiko,

R.I.P HellsArtist88.
For he has left us :(
He will be missed.

Active Members

    Pidi Shop Tentacle pt.1 Tentacle pt.2 Sips Tea Say It Like You Mean It! Can You Handle Me? Or nah
    Tommy Bunny Badge Kitten ~ Orange 1 space ship The One Ring *L* R2D2 My Moon My Black Star
    send noods. Youre A Perfect Gem! Kawaii at heart
    AUTISM SPEAKS EXCLUSIVE BADGE Gudetama Burger 1995 bye
    Nurse Christmas Badge Nurse Christmas Badge 2 December Jingle my Bells Frosty Paws Kitty Butt
    African Love Tidy Designs Badge Dutch! Kimi Dragon Ball Fan Star Child Trilogy Pisces Badge IQ badge
    Heart Day Participant Kokiri Emerald Goron Ruby Zora Sapphire Cancer Badge Leo Badge Scorpio Badge Aquarius Badge Purple~Paw^w^ Keaton Mask
    Hyrulian Royal Crest Zelda - The Legend of Zelda 1 Zelda - The Legend of Zelda 2 Link - The Legend of Zelda 1 Link - The Legend of Zelda 2 LinkTop LinkBottom Rilakkuma Icecream p2 Navi

Zelda Nerd Shouts


Guest_Siwca: zelda live and the best game I played in my life: D

Kiya: Hello! ^^ Theres a NEW ZELDA FAN GROUP!! Fill free to join! []...

Jidth: hola v:

Guest_Linkette23_retired_149118279: hola :v

Guest_Luluthecat2376: Hi! I love this group cxx

cheescookies: HI I played zelda on the nitendo 46 and I am still playing it to day, its great.

Guest_SassySandyGirl: hi love zelda:)

Squidwart: Any tips on playing Link in Super Smash Bros.? :p

Guest_ItsTommyxX_retired_128575300: now join this group feeling nice (: D Zelda Whoop!

Guest_LordHarkon_retired_132878726: Anyone think that they're making a new Majora's Mask game?


Guest_SHORTWOMAN66_retired_120363477: how can i joine i am new

YuriKurumi: Keaton Mask & Saria Ocarina Badges!! Inbox me if you want to receive these Free badges!! Visi...

VintageMeds: Trading my Navi badge for other zelda badges. Please PM me if you have anything for sale/trade.

RyeBury: Trading my Link badge for other zelda badges. Please PM me if you have anything for sale/trade.

Guest_Fuyr: Hi people I just joined the group 8D +ZELDA IS AWESOME

Battitude: 'Ello. :3

Guest_izzylovesblood_retired_79812834: Any one still get on here !?!?:0

ShadowLink: Hello everyone! Great looking group :3

Jerome_old: Be gone for months and only 4 spambot lines.. Even the spambots have deserted us. :O

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