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“"If it's your wish, I will follow you everywhere even if your throne crumbles, and your shiny crown”

this is a kuroshitsuji role play i'm ciel phantomhive and welcome to my group

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2010-10-09 13:47:32
Members: 56

Active Members

    Grell Sutcliff Badge - Kuroshitsuji
    AVATAR by Corlalet PANDORA Pure Spirit Heart Come closer! Megaera
    bunnylady2007 #2 The One Ring *S* [FLS] Black Dragon 7MD-Play CondemnedCat Dark Design Products (Vampire edition) Chinese gazebo
    RoyaLWarrioR - Hellsing

Holla Board


Guest_demoniasapiean_retired_83004726: when do we get to rp?

Guest_UndertakerKuro_retired_69548871: information? like in the info and intro post?

Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583: haven't posted your information message me about it

Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583: everyone post your information or else you will be kicked out of the group if the is a reason you...

3D4z: good

3D4z: good

Guest_UndertakerKuro_retired_69548871: how have you been, Ciel? :)

Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583: hello

Guest_UndertakerKuro_retired_69548871: he hee Hello :D

Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583: hi :P

3D4z: hi

Guest_Vinnie1056_66751129_retired_66751129: Hello :)

3D4z: hey everyone it's me lilcielphantomhive

KibaSakamoto_27494873_retired_27494873: =^o^=

Mazda: You're Welcome. o u o Glad To Have You In The Group. 8D

KibaSakamoto_27494873_retired_27494873: Thank you for the wonderful invite ^w^

Mazda: Woof.

Guest_ArisuUke_retired_62244560: Mrew :D

Guest_lilcielphantomhive_retired_61512583: ^.^ your welcome!

Mazda: O: Ahs~! And Thank You For Adding Me As GrellSutcliff <3 Yay!

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