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“The kingdom needs your help, do you have what it takes to save it?”

The Kingdom of Astrial is under attack. Is it you who will change its fate or help it fall? Will you answer the call for a hero or run like a coward in the face of fear and impossible odds.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: ronin210
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2008-02-04 01:11:36
Members: 50

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Holla Board


VisionSeer: Lol welcome back

ronin210: That took me longer than I thought... ok so it was a couple of research papers.

VisionSeer: Okie dokie

ronin210: Writing a research paper this weekend so I will reply next week.

VisionSeer: Is there any way we can get this place going again? We should at least finish it

ronin210: Final Fantasy IX: The Chronicles of Warriors

ronin210: Well in the mean time, I posted a fan fic on titled......

VisionSeer: Then by all means put forward a post and make the attempt :P

ronin210: I've seen it done in Record of Lodoss War! LOL Unfortunately Parn was a huge wuss until Chro...

VisionSeer: Unless you think a druid and a warrior can take on Henric alone. I doubt it though.

ronin210: So true, so true............

VisionSeer: We need people before there can even be an ending

ronin210: The ending does concern me.

VisionSeer: That is the least of my concerns lol

ronin210: Hell, I couldn't even tell you if Zach will end up with Calana or not.

ronin210: Dammit....... this story will just stay its course until I can gather up enough people.

VisionSeer: I guess he's not coming back...?

VisionSeer: It would be a bit depressing just having two left right at the end

ronin210: I'll shoot a nasty gram to him then

VisionSeer: I haven't heard from him since you last posted

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