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“Where Art is your Eternal Disease”

Are you ready to enter the realm of shops, tutorials, games, contest... Or just here for the randomness? Join now~

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Group Owner: Insufflate
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2012-06-24 20:56:24
Members: 70

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Randomness :3


KataraKnight: 1st DP Order 75% OFF, 2nd DP Order 50% OFF, 3rd DP Order 25% OFF! :3

NoxNightmare: Hey guys get your votes in for the weekly outfit challenge!! BE ACTIVE >:[

NoxNightmare: Last day of the outfit challenge!! Get your entries in!!

Syndra: ;_; any orders..? Please..?

SicariusKnight: Congrats Kat ;3 <3 (: D

KataraKnight: My shop is open :3

KataraKnight: Hya there o3o

Aer: :3Herro

Syndra: I have zero requests D: -sadface- v.v

DarkenNights: Free shop opened. (:

Insufflate: @ElCatr1n- I might be able to help you. ^^

ElCatr1n: i will be getting paid next week i need a layout :x help?

Syndra: I'll get my shop opened tomorrow ^^ I have to pull together everything for it~

Guest_DisobeyIt: thanks for thee inviteee!

YouHadMeAlways_disabled_73349720: Enter the Birthday Raffle Contest (:

DarkenNights: -throws everyone food and candy for joining- ;P

Alarm: I got invited to the same group by like 3 people xD

oSeby: Sorry for Multi-Invites :C Imvu gave us Errors </3

Buried: thnx for the invite xoxo

Veins: I've been invited 6 different times. -__-