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“Your Way Imvu Profile Layouts ^.^”

This is a group that designs and creates Imvu Profile Layouts for you.Some shops will cost credits [ Max Price is 30,00 creds] Open a shop in this group or get your layout done :D

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Plastical
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-05-22 10:28:19
Members: 148

The Soapbox

Hii People. I created this group so that members can either create Imvu Profile Layouts for other members or purchase/ get Imvu Profile Layouts. ^.^

Rules ^.^
1. No fighting. Get a Life People.
2. Ovbiously Dont Spam
3. Dont rush people
4. Give thanks[ this is hard work ]
5. No begging
6. Everyone has the right to tak back Layouts.
8. For every shop you need to show the example of exactly how the customers layout would look like then Have the customer send you credits [ depending if you wan them to pay] and then Message them their code. No OTHER PROCEDURE IS ALLOWED.
9. Respect everyone and their work.
10.Have FUN :D
Capture by MissTeensy, on Flickr

Screenie of my Homepage, How your Imvu Profile Layout might look like

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xllKotallx: does anyone make free profile layouts?

Semicide: Uhm, how much do the edits cost? im thinking of getting one from ya'll. kthnxbye.

xR0ze_disabled_65987483: How to do like Ur pic Q-Q!?? Lz can yah tell meh 0^0!

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