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Membership: Open
Group Owner: TooEmoYou
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2009-03-31 13:40:10
Members: 4073

Active Members

    .:Esme Creations:. Edward Cullen Badge Jacob Black Badge Isabella Swan Badge Alice Cullen Badge Jasper Cullen Badge Rosalie Cullen Badge Emmet Cullen Badge Renesmee Cullen Badge Carlisle Cullen Badge
    Supreme x Seph Odd Future x Seph Vans x Seph Just Press Play Now! $
    Pop! Pop! Potion! cookie:3 Triforce Pikachu~ A~ M ~ S~
    38RB - Purple Circle 38RB - Blue Circle 26B 28B 30B 58B 64B 67B 70B 86B
    purple butterfly sil cat
    Prota! Silky Letters - A Silky Letters  L Silky Letters ~ U Grupo Somos Latinos Pharmacist MolotovCupcake AliceHimeChan SLENDER
    Jesus is Lord LuizEdmond I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. ...Never Ends... :: GRACE ::
    Taken Angel Devil Girls With Guns
    ICO Small Badge LuvSweetAngel Harry CandyApple Badge 17:06:30 Second Look First Look Cancer Awareness!(For u Lia)

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HeyBartender: 3 Badges here []

AmmieGordon24: Anyone know where I can find Walking Dead badges? You can message me.

MysticValeria: Im looking for blue letter badges, please help if you can

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TenderLilly: another new badge on my page,enjoy

TenderLilly: new badge on my page,enjoy

Carrie: Heart Badge On My Home Page

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Pruriency: Pre-sale for Christmas Letter badges send them to a friend and I'll send to both once there...

HeyBartender: 3 Free badges here []

DeviousAngelFlame: hi anyone knows any links for letters..plz let me know ty:)

DeviousAngelFlame: Hi everyone im new and i love badges ty for letting me join new to tyvm for all:)

DeviousAngelFlame: Hi everyone im new and i love badges ty for letting me join new to tyvm for all:)