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“The official group for IMVU Updates Alpha testing”

The official group for IMVU Updates Alpha! IMVU Updates is a new exciting feature to let you stay on top of your social circle. Find out what fun things your buddies are doing on IMVU, and let your buddies know what you are doing on IMVU in return! As alpha testers, please help us design the features that you'd like to see! Let your opinions count. Post your feedback on features we've built and on those you'd like us to build. Notify the team of bugs and other issues you come across. We'll be listening!

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Group Owner: manyu
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2007-10-22 14:12:08
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The Soapbox



The focus of this group is about the new feature "IMVU Updates"

To ensure your general or client bug reports receive the highest level of attention, please continue to post them to the forum:

Bugs and Testing


My Updates RSS Feed is now available
It is a new feature that allows you to make your My Updates be available as a rss feed. For more info, please read My Updates RSS Feed now available

IMVU Updates Panel is now available
For more info, please read IMVU Updates panel on My IMVU page available NOW


Request to join this group:
I have received and approved requests to join this group. I like to remind everyone: the alpha test for IMVU Updates is not currently open for enrollment, and if you were not part of the alpha test, just being a member of this group does not make the IMVU Updates alpha features available to you. We apologize for not being able to accept more alpha testers.

What is IMVU Updates:

IMVU Updates is an exciting new feature that helps you stay on top of your social network. The plan is to create two panels that show you updates about yourself and your buddies in the finished product. When you log in, an “IMVU Updates” panel will show you all the latest activities from your buddies on IMVU. There will also be a “My Updates” panel on your Homepage that shows you your own activities. If you choose to make that panel visible, all visitors to your Homepage will also see the fun things you are doing on IMVU.

To IMVU Updates Alpha Test Participants:

Thank you for trying out IMVU Updates Alpha! We love to hear your thoughts!

Please read the alpha test post:

Welcome to IMVU Updates Alpha Testing

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