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“Nothing is impossible. Keep that in mind. But look for it yourself first.”

Need codes, help with codes or just random questions about codes, layouts, pictures? Then join this group.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Productions
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2007-10-05 11:42:27
Members: 6002

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>>> Look here first for most common codes! <<<
Find the code at [] !
Find the code in this group: [] !
Find the code in the Homepage Corner in IMVU Forum: [] !

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LaZhaDuBois: I so love this group .. no matter how long or what IMVU puts us thru this group is a great help....

toPrecious: Hi everybody thanks 4 the codes.helps me so much. I have a new Badge if anyone want.Come to my HP...

D0M1NlC: "B)" God bless you all! "B)"

QueenPepplez: Hello Together, have a nice Day !!!

KayxSweet: hi everyone im new to this group. u all have a great day. :)

Guest_ahmedsuli2: [] [] [] http...

toPrecious: hello everyone "-) I have a new badge is you wish to get it autobling on my page thanks

Guest_xLiliaSwagx: Any codes? :d

llDoxyll: haiii . cool group

toPrecious: Thanks for creating this group,think i will Love it & do need it too."(tu)"

Obrena: Wishing you all a very Happy Easter ,enjoy stay Blessed :-)

Doseyn: Anyone know how to center text and make it smaller in a group thread? Thanks :P :P

Guest_vermoutth: :3

AthelaA: Thank you for making this group...X(

MillyXI: Use my coupon code CLNU5DZWXU expires 12/29/14

Cheri: @minidub15 - post your questions on the board, I'm happy to answer.

Kineset: Any codes? :3

JmJoE: naks

JmJoE: naks

Qausim: B)

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