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When you join notify me and i will give you the link to my site. I will explain in a message to you. All rights reserved to my site. The badges are compleatly free. Message me when you want a badge.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Stand0ut
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2010-07-07 18:00:41
Members: 463

Active Members

    ARHABY PRO-1 ARHABY PRO-2 B~ N~ O ~ Y~ Z~ A 2~ I 2~ E 2 ~
    Wishing For You Color My Heart Too Glam Pretty in Purple The New Black Fishtank Badge
    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge Red Dragon Rose Empire Badge Factory THE BADGE GOSSIP Pixel Perfect Group Badge
    Yinyang connection I love Mom Love Rainbow Rainbow Love Dreams Crimson and Clover Looks to Kill Google Chrome Coleman Lantern <3
    Flowers ~ Pink Orchidee ~ Everyone Love Flowers I Rep Mexico Unique italy proud
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge Creator !~ DoLa Badge 1~! !~ DoLa Badge 2~! Vip-Ap
    B L E S S E D
    B3D Starfish BellaIvI "NO a LEY 158!" From Hell i rise to Torment the heavens SphinxCredits Sphinx Credits
    z .3
    Love Red Roses Betty Boop

Holla Board


Guest_N0handz: badges please :)

ElderQLynnBlackdVamp: hi

ElderQLynnBlackdVamp: "Happy 4th of July" badge

Guest_spongeboblove: cn i plz have badges "x("

Guest_mixaelacvc: Free Badges :D

Guest_Omitrockz: hey friends need some badges xD

Guest_mixaelacvc: New badges:$

PriscillaRey: Am thankful for all the badges. Thank you to all the generous people out there.

LadyRanora: Free ladybug badges in pink, purple and blue **totally kawaii** send me a message & i send to...

Guest_ImSkai_retired_117769397: I need some cool alphabet badges... Can anyone help me ..?

xxNickiRozayxxUCFWU: can i have a badge please

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: "A ROSE FOR MY LUV" Badge FREE for Valentines Day on my Home Page. Come on & get it...

DarkChildLHP54: can i have a badge plz

Guest_skyhighsweetie_retired_58065521: can i have the link to get the badges...

XTREME: Free Badge on my page.. Enjoy xx

Sultress: Badges are now removed from my homepage.

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: Free Badge on my Home Page... Come and get it... B)

ElderQLynnBlackdVamp: hi is every one doing

DarkAce007_disabled_73077826: Free Badge on my home page...

Sultress: Crazy badge, Monster badge and Skittles Badge on my page, click and collect :)

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