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“'Shake That , Bounce That Like The Twerk Team :)”

Only Can Join If You Can Twerk & Audition From Me Or Guest_Rayanna113

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_DeeLylah110_retired_32701971
Category: Hobbies
Date Formed: 2012-03-10 12:40:05
Members: 73

The Soapbox

Everyone Meet Up In The IMVU Twerk Team Room & Better Be In Uniform , Which Is White Shirt .. Black SHORTS Not SKIRT ..& White heels ! Thats All .. & Be Ready To Twerk Ladies .. Have A Nice Day !

Active Members

    Goop Bow Why is a raven like a writing desk? Mew Part Four Mew Part Two Mew Part One Mew Part Three Hamtaro AriaIA
    doki doki tamagotchi Be Spoopy Oops You Died Purple Set B Medic Syringe Happy Pill Purple
    N o r i a |1
    italy proud Fine . Can You Handle Me? ... Blow me

Holla Board


Guest_nasbenn_retired_142224614: need some head

Guest_nasbenn_retired_142224614: need some head

Guest_boodaddylovesu_retired_138772691: Hey

Guest_Exotic4life: mhmm....

Guest_Queenlover123low_retired_135826246: I don't have those

Guest_cuteboo192_retired_129365133: mee agsin i dont have enough money for uniform let me slide for about 5 weeks plz

Guest_cuteboo192_retired_129365133: whoops typo i meant cause i got a big ass and i can twerk but i could use a little practice

Guest_cuteboo192_retired_129365133: hi my name is cuteboo192 nd i wanna be part of this cou

Guest_avrixll: hi ma name is avrixll @ i'd like 2 join @ yes i can TWREK! :)

Guest_brittaneybabedout_retired_107423841: Aye Yawl Need To Make A Party So I Can Come And Twerk

GODDESSOvTLAWx730: Aint No Party Like Our Twerk Team Party, Cuz Our Twerk Team Party Don't Stop!!! Twerk City B...

Guest_DeeLylah110_retired_32701971: Twerk Team Bitch we throw the best parties in the IMVU Twerk Team Room , come party with us !

Guest_rayanna113_retired_70554848: we the best twerk team bitch every no one can mess with us i luv the fuckin twerk team <3

Guest_Blossom9647_86079465_retired_86079465: TwerkCityyyy bitchhhhhh:))))

Guest_angelicbrownfox_retired_87967011: Twerk team in this bitch ! :P

Guest_DeeLylah110_retired_32701971: Hey Guys All NonMEMBERS Inbox ME If You Wana Join THE TWERK TEAM :)

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