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“The Commission”

The IMVU Mafia Commission, is a Commission that was decided to be created on behalf of several mafia families for communication & resolving disputes.

Membership: Invite only
Access: Public
Group Owner: MafiaCommission
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2013-10-27 14:25:56
Members: 29

The Soapbox


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    The Commission [MAFIA] The Commission [MAFlA] lMVU Scandinavia The Capetta Family
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    The Commission [MAFIA] The Commission [MAFlA]
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Holla Board


MafiaCommission: Soapbox has been updated.

xXMysticShadeXx: Welcome Montana family, glad to have you with us

DomenicoImperatore: Welcome to the commission Tony & Armani

ArmandoMontana: Gracias for the Invitation

Gez: Please welcome The Montana Family's Armando & Antonio!

MrMontego: lol ok ty

AntonioCapetta: I dont like the idea of it, i'd consider it snitching yea

MrMontego: is it a form of snitching / rat ing someone out

MrMontego: is it a form of snitching / rat ing someone out

MrMontego: if someone reports you to dmca or imvu staff its a form of snitching. yeah?

AidenCapetta: Merry Christmas Ladies and Gents

Kloun: Merry Christmas Everyone <3

Gez: Lot of people rocking the badge, looks amazing guys!

DomenicoImperatore: Much appreciated, I got it. Merry Christmas Goodfellas!

AidenCapetta: Ahh Much appreciated Fellas !

Gez: Do not worry about the costs, its taken care of, merry christmas everyone!

Gez: You've all been sent a IMVU Commission badge by FeliceCapetta.

DomenicoImperatore: Thank you, Aiden pal. And thank you everyone, your votes are appreciated!

AntonioCapetta: Imperatore & DeAlmeida crests will be added to soapbox tonight

AidenCapetta: Welcome to the commission Imperatore!