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“Contests, roleplays, and so much more!”

Hello & Welcome.Come meet people out of character and have fun~ This is a group created to support and advertise roleplays that other people have created and want others to join.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Dere
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2012-05-22 21:12:21
Members: 304

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Attention Board


EmpCeldricArundel: great grouppage.Medieval Elven rpLink: []

EricDragonSword: Page looks great. Just what we need for rpg fans to meet. Working on my own now for D&D fan...

Guest_MockingJaySong: Anyone looking for interesting roleplay, join my group "Lunae Vita". It will start in a...

DianaMannering: looking for members to join my group for those who like fairytale-esc roleplays.

AmeliaSinclair: Looking for those interest into royal roleplaying with a group over 7 years old and still growing...

LadyWhiteAlpine: new Casino - Burlesque themed rp. Prizes, gifts and credits available. Pls message me if interest...

Vixanimus: Merry Christmas/Christmas Eve, everyone!

Dere: [c] thinking of putting there DP's in the Soapbox too...I most likely will.

Dere: o.o Well, the Co-staff position is filled, Darcy. If you wanna be maintence, let me know. Im [c]

Vixanimus: -Smacks Kyo away.-

Raseri: -Spray paints his name over the ugly blank co-staff spot.- You know you want to. (;

Raseri: Dere. I love the new graphics. <u<

Guest_MockingJaySong: If anyone is interested in joining my RP group -Lunae Vita., it is an open group I just created....

Guest_hungry202: Apocalypse survival. Its a zombie rp and is going to be very fun. Plz join and come look.

LilyViBritannia: [url=http://[]]SoR Wants YOU[/url]

Purgen_disabled_87445152: Ostfront '41-'43 []...

Purgen_disabled_87445152: Ostfront '41-'43 [WW2 Roleplay] [];...


Zuh: [] Yu-Gi-Oh! Roleplay

Obscurity: Group will be going Under Maintenance.~