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“The Home of Low Cost, High Quality Derivables”

Begin your developing fortune today! Use Low Cost, High Quality ICO Meshes as the foundation for a successful catalog. All ICO Textures are stored here.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: LOL
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2009-09-17 08:25:32
Members: 8156

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The Cultivation Organisation (ICO), Grand Cultivator LOL,
and esteemed Cultivator Mavrick welcome you to the ICO Textures Domain.

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Cultivation Updates


LOL: One week left in the Developing Competition! Have fun and win some credits along the way :]

AeoniumRed: Thank for the invitation! Glad to be part of this group ♥

zzandora: tysm for the invite to your group

LOL: Developers Competition V is now live!

Seiryu: Hello everyone. ^^ Pleased to meet you all. Thanks for the invite.

Seiryu: Hello everyone. ^^ Pleased to meet you all. Thanks for the invite.

AzureDarkstrider: thanks for the invite :D

LOL: Congrats to Calypsio for winning this months Developers Competition!

xLunaWinchesterSulux: Hello and thank you Seb for the add

agattitta94: Hello and thanks for inviting me to your group :)

Aedai: Hello and thanks for the invite! :)

rickbrotherhoodkink: hi

Kinged: Can i get an invite to the ap group please, thanks

LOL: Developer Competition IV is live! Over 100k in prizes to be won!

LOL: Congrats to our new Executive Member Mavrick!

Guest_SoBela: ty for invite :)

LOL: We recently encountered an error which has removed some members. Please feel free to rejoin!

panoshard: SPRING SELLOUT NOW 6 packages textures []

SweetVerity: Taking a pol, how many of you would like to see a runway show here on imvu?

Serenity777loli: hi i am looking for nice texture for wedding dress, who can help please contact me