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“A gathering in anticipation of the greatest MMO to grace us yet”

Welcome! This group is in preparation for the arrival of the world's best MMO, and upon it's release, will be a place to network, form guilds, group up, and find aid wherever and whenever you need.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Syreas_20967319_retired_20967319
Category: Games
Date Formed: 2010-10-19 20:34:06
Members: 35

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Jenna: Happy Wintersday everyone!!

Anorissa: 1

Anorissa: 2

Anorissa: 3

Anorissa: 4

Anorissa: 5

Anorissa: 6

Anorissa: 7

Anorissa: 8

Anorissa: 9 more days :)

RetroBear: 13 more days n.n

ML313: August 25th O,..,O Here we come :3

RetroBear: Such terrible timing xD

Anorissa: on the 25th

Anorissa: well, now that I think about, pre-purchase wouldn't help me anyways. I move into my dorm on...

RetroBear: Prepurchase = early download tho >w<

Anorissa: yup :)

RetroBear: Ah so your waiting for the physical version?

Anorissa: plus, downloading stuff off the net takes foreeever...tried download rift before and it said 15 h...

Anorissa: I would, but I don't wanna chance getting bored with it before it releases..

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