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“Gods, Giants and everythign in between”

Greek and Roman Mythology in all its Forms, Literary, Film, Plays, RP, Ritual, Worship etc...

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Tharsos2099_disabled_9435766
Category: Religion
Date Formed: 2007-09-26 21:24:12
Members: 43

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LotusNova: howdy

Stephen93: Sorry my last message was cut off please read my new blog entry on my hp. I need help. Blessed B...

Stephen93: Sorry I have been gone so long. I got evicted from my home of 9yrs read my latest blog entry on m...

Stephen93: I may not be here long IMVU is getting rid of Pagans. They closed my group. Read my blog on hp.

Guest_lania33_retired_23130000: hi yall =Dhave a good night or day

Icevolcano: Good tiding to all *smiles* Hope you are haveing a good night or day where you are at

lDeNzr_6254448_deleted_6254448: Greetings to you my friends.Sorry that i have not been on here, but I will start posting soon.smi...

AerisPallas: hello to All !!! I Came back from vacations So lets post more ;)

AerisPallas: Tharsos Dear Friend Happy New year :) hope you and All have many Blessings the next Year!!KISSES

AerisPallas: Welcome to All The New Members !! Tharsos sometimes is not here but he Read your post and reply ;...

xxLadyMysteriaxx_disabled_9728829: Greetings. I look forward to learning a lot here and meeting new people. Brightest Blessings. :)

lDeNzr_6254448_deleted_6254448: Greetings to you all...May the Gods be with you this day*smiles*

lDeNzr_6254448_deleted_6254448: *tosses a pebble at Angel* *giggles* No your the best and the ones here as well.*smiles*

lDeNzr_6254448_deleted_6254448: *Smiles softly* Greetings to you all.

Breeze: Hi, I just joined in so I thought I'd say hello :)

Tharsos2099_disabled_9435766: Welcome to all who've joined, This Message is Long Over due *lol*

AngelAri: Greetings *smiles* I see Im in good company... guess Im the second *winks*

AerisPallas: Hello My Dear Friend I am Happy you Open the Group and i am your First Member !!!

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