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“Girls do it better! (and we really do exist)”

Girl gamers and their devoted followers can join. Chat about new PC or console games. Or reminisce about your old favorites.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: Ledybug
Category: Games
Date Formed: 2007-09-14 20:36:01
Members: 863

The Soapbox

I hope everyone one is looking foward to the holidays to come. Better start thinking of what game you want in your stocking! Personally I'm most looking forward to Halloween!

NEW MEMBERS: Please read the RULES post & introduce yourself! ;)

ALL EXISTING MEMBERS: Have a female game character you love? Let me know and I'll see if I can find a pic of her. I'll post it as the club pic for a week or two (as long as it isn't too revealing). Please post requests in Club Picture topic.

WE'VE HIT 500 MEMBERS!!!! ^_^

If you are wondering why our numbers have been going up and down, read below to find out why.

Recently it has come to my attention that some IMVU Groups are being used as places to gather names for spam. These "users" or bots as most call them join IMVU, then join groups, copy down all the members names, and then spam these members with chain letters and unsolicitated ads. In order to keep our privacy and only have members that are here for the right reason, I have decided to weed out and delete suspected bots. If the "user" meets the following criteria they will be removed.

My Criteria:

First the "user" must not have ever posted in the club and their account is a Guest account. They must also meet at least two more of the following:

1. Has never added a avatar picture
2. Hasn't logged in to IMVU in 6 months
3. Their avatar picture is of them in the outfit (has to include all: hair, body, skin, clothes) you receive when you sign up on a plain white background
4. Only IMVU has sent them a message on their homepage
5. They haven't customized their page at all
6. They have no friends added

Now I realize there may be some real users that fall through the cracks. So if you know of anyone who has been unjustly deleted, let me know. I will add them back and offer my sincere apology. Also if you can think of a way to better identify these bots, let me know.

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Gamer Life


Guest_Pashynn: Hey guys I'm new ^.^

Guest_JadeTheAI: Hi everyone! I'm a new member. Interested in Portal 2 :)

Guest_TheGirlGamers: I am a girl gamer and, i play black ops 2 mostly but you can add me on ps3 my psn is kojomojo777....

Guest_MitchellSinclair: Who Plays Gears Of War 3 In This Chat?

Guest_MitchellSinclair: Hey My Child's.It's Your Old Pal Jack.

Guest_Sassyrain223: Hey guys! Thought I'd join this group since I'm an active gamer girl c:

Guest_DreamKiller676: Hi everyone, I just joined. <(^.^)>

Guest_YourOwnEulogy: Hello everyone! :) Fellow gamer here! Recently i've been replaying silent hill 2, which I lo...

Guest_NightmareParanoia: Good morning everyone.

Guest_EpicNativeLady: Hey, Im new here. I tell what I play.I play black ops2 (mostly) on ps3 messege me if u want 2add...

MizzzCxi: Hello everyone :) PS3 game fanatic

EvaJet: ^_^ Girls, are we happy gaming today? Can I get a shout out from SWTOR players? ^^

somezombieslovepink: Hey gamers :) I'm constantly playing Alice madness, F.e.a.r and the new tomb raider atm x)

xEmoStephanyx: Hello, fellow gamers. c:

Guest_FairyWars9_disabled_118078030: Good morning from CANADA!!! :3

Guest_GothicVamp119: I'm such an inactive member o - o but hello every gamer. c:

Guest_candyrain81: if anyone decides to play knight age add me my in game name is BigNig

Guest_candyrain81: Not sure if im allowed to post stuff ike this but there is a game that is so cool called knight a...

Guest_cutedeaddolly: Hiya, I'm a new member...was looking for a gamer group and this looked cool :p so

CynthiaCathHy: Hi everyones :) Good morning...^^