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“For all gimpers alike XD”

Tutorials on how to use gimp and its functions. Plenty of tutorials on how to edit your avatar's picture.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: sw33tnycandy
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2010-12-19 14:38:31
Members: 805

The Soapbox


Where to download Gimp?

Looking to Customize Gimp?
Click here for Gimp themes.
Please note, the themes only work for version 2.6.12 and older.
2.8.0 and Higher Themes
I've tested a few of the themes on this site. All themes work.

In need of older Gimp versions not 2.8.0?
Please click here for the older Gimp versions.
Please click the image above to go to the thread which contains all the tutorials.

Developer of the month. Please click the banner to go to her shop.
Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any one who makes a "crappy" or "bad" edit. My tutorials are to be used as a guide line. They should be used to help you learn to digitally draw. Practice! Practice! Practice! I can not promote it enough. Develop your own painting style. Do not and I repeat do not try to paint like another person. No two artist are the same therefore they can not paint the same. Thank you for joining this group and I hope that the tutorials posted here you can use and make your own just as I have.

I am no longer active on IMVU or this group. I've spent many hours creating these tutorials for every one to use and they are free of charge. Please keep this group organized and free of spam. There is a questions thread and I do still check messages if any one needs help. Please be aware that I am no longer creating new tutorials simply due to a lack of time and energy. Utilize my tuts and those provided by the members as needed. Thank you for continuing to support this group.

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Spammage, spammage and more spammage


GoGeckYourself: Welcome to the group. Hope this group helps you out :).

CorinneDarkShadow: Hello, i am new hehe

Guest_CuteGirlJust4You_retired_92497709: Practising new things on gimp. Taking free requests. Msg me with the pic u would like edited.

MizukiLubomir: Ok, i've looked and looked, i can't seem to find a thread any where about how to make e...

sw33tnycandy: Revive, revive. :D

sw33tnycandy: Ok can do XD

MzV3TA: Hello Group.. I would like to see a tutorial on nail designs for gimp

AbsoIute: its been awhile

MysticalGrey: If anyone would like to be apart of a speed dating room,please contact me via message. thanks!

XXJOEYLOVVXX: can some help me i have a face and baby fit i like to add to a d5 baby map i have can some one te...

LashesCortes: I am a beginning dev, the tuts are incredibly helpful. TYSM :D

AbsoIute: Haven't been on for a while..

Sankrea: ill add brows in my tut file..if editing with a mouse is that good imagin tablet <3

sw33tnycandy: eyes is done. hands i need tablet for which i no have lol. brows is easy but i'm too tired f...

Sankrea: tuts to be added, brows, eyes, hands. Can anyone edit hands?

Sankrea: Inbox if you guys need help. Keep this group active ppl

Sankrea: Its thread-day today, feel free to inbox me anything regarding group

Kazaky_disabled_93724996: Hi Candi,ty for invite love the group! :)

QueenJad3DaRealest: Ty for the invite for I have alot of questions and can u all show it as well I am better like tha...

sw33tnycandy: check the deve threads there is a thread for reszing images for icons

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