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GenderQueer or TransGender and Pansexuals

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“If you need advice, just someone to relate to, or a friend, we welcome all.”

For those that identify as androgynous; somewhere inbetween the gender spectrum, those that identify as the opposite gender of which they were born, those that identify as both, and for those attracted to people of all gender identities.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_Skkyyy_retired_18452483
Category: Community
Date Formed: 2007-10-25 14:15:56
Members: 1474

The Soapbox

Welcome, everyone!
Please spread the word of our group and if you need advice or have any questions, please let us help you.

For the new members, introduce yourselves!

Active Members

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Holla Board


Angelica2324: hi can look my sharings...

Guest_PetraBlunt: Hi I am Petra, I was born Peter. I have been living as a female for the last seven years

8LiLi8: hi everyone my name is lili , and i m in love with futas and shemales *-* ! wish you all great da...

Shyliafox: hello my name is shy for short. im just introducing myself to the group.

Guest_jenny4662: hi iam jennyxd

Guest_CloeyW_disabled_185193117: Aloha everyone! I'm Cloey. I'm a haole mahu wahine living in Waikiki. Nice to meet you!

PrincessLindsay307: Hey I'm Lindsay. I'm in PA. Nice to meet you.

naomie1980: hi every one i am naomie born in thailand and live now in holland i am a transgender lady and 37...

Guest_Jericho37: anyone live in gold coast

Guest_TayLuke: Hey I'm Taylor a ftm transgender. I'm 21 and from Kansas. Nice to meet everyone.

Guest_mansana2_disabled_179993945: Hi all my name is mansana

Guest_Natesraes: hey my name is nate i am transgender nice to meet all of you

Guest_Africa48: holaaa!!

ApIomb: Helloo :D I live in MA :D

gatsu1: hi all^^

Guest_tarahumaralithium: Hi I´m a transgender I´m looking for a nice relation with another transgender like me...

Guest_TigerLilyCute: hey. im venus and im androgynous and questioning whether im bisexual or pansexual. im new here. :...

Guest_archiefry: hello my name is nick and i am looking for friends

Guest_Bristolann: Hello, I'm new and don't have the hang of this yet. (giggles)

Guest_DakotaC_disabled_168872396: hey everybody...another cold wet foggy day here in the midwest

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