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“We are temporarily trialing being an open group again.:3”

IMVU's First Furry Community ~ since 2006! This group for both the furries and scalies of IMVU and their friends. All are welcome!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: FurryPride
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2007-07-04 17:50:35
Members: 13047

The Soapbox

Furry Pride consists of the a Content Creator Sponsorship program, contest, auctions, shops and more!

Group Image Contest Winner: shebyhall

Show Your Furry Pride With The Official Furry Pride Bling Badge!
Moderator Badge:
Current Active Mods: Tsumz, Deepcrater, Cosmic, Kaybi, Emerz Support each month's winners.

Derivation Contest Winner: SyntheticFrequency

For all your Furry Mesh needs, check out Furry Derivables! []
* Please try to keep things furry-themed.
* No hate towards other furries, non-furries, etc This includes hate topics, racial slurs etc etc.
* No begging for gifts or asking for credits. If you need credits to submit products, try our developer's program
* No Mini-Mods []
*Any member removed/banned cannot be advertised by another member or alt, any known alts will be removed.

A Note on Furkini's: Although they are considered GA, most of imvu's mods and members are unaware of this decision and will still flag them. Create them at your own risk. Avoid creating skintone kinis.

Active Members

    ahh.. ahh Totoro May all your bacon burn. Ponyo Fairydust A~ K~ T ~ U 3 ~ O~
    Willie Rat ~Rainbow Potion~ .: Sun Jar :. Baby Natasha 2 Baby Natasha Baby Natasha 3
    Little Bat. Impulsive Pink Bow Anry pokes you !! I dont wanna brag but ill be the best you ever had. See you there Well are you True say
    Kisa Kitty White Kitty Team Rocket! Clarity. ilu Pink Paw *Confident* Never give up Enemy Little Light Witcher 3
    key to victory mikasas scarf hanjis glasses Saphys Horn A~ H~ P~ S~ Y~
    IMVU Newbie Content Creator Badge IMVU Content Creator Tier 1 Badge FurryPride Badge Creator
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 7 Badge iloveyou Nishi Nishi2 Lies An honest developer. M A L I C E
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 5 Badge FurryPride Badge FurryPride Mod Furry Deving Group Let the music run through you. Kaybi supporter! Kaybi loves you! True Furry Developer
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 2 Badge ViceRose support extinction support extinction 2 xLyynus
    IMVU Content Creator Tier 5 Badge Vixy Support blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:20:47 blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:20:47 Vixy Support2 Rose Cross 2 - Rue Rose Cross 1 - Rue Sailor Gothic Moon Wand part 1

Scratching Post


Guest_mokavista100: Now offer four pack textures of your choice only 30k []

o0Emmanuelle0o: I Love to cuddle furry's =^^= but i'n not a furry

Navarrah: Ello everyone, I just joined this group. Feel free to add me if you wish and lets have some fun...

JorgeDeLaNegra: ☮ We need peace on earth for everyone! ✌ Love for France! ♥

Guest_slappy97: Hello! :) I'm kind of a newbie furry, any advice?

Christinde: Hai sweets, I got an Art Auction running :D Check it out <3

MoonKins: woot woot ty for being open agin so happy to be back

Venolyth: Ello~ Just joined.

Guest_Feradyke: Omg good*

Guest_Feradyke: Hey all! ^w^ I hope all you Furs are doing today and I'm super excited to be apart of this g...

Guest_Hesstia: Hi! Just joined :-)

Guest_IceWolfSunGlow: how is everyone doing

FaithInBeauty: Im New To The Group, Looking For A Custom Fur For Credits!

Guest_IceWolfSunGlow: hope i mean

Guest_IceWolfSunGlow: Hello I m new to this Group and hoe to make friends

xAngelHeavenx: Hello everyone, looking for new friends~ ♥♥

TabbyRoseBlade: Hellow everyone, I wish you all a wonderful week :)

Guest_Pakakaboo: i have like 21 item on my wishlist xD

Guest_Pakakaboo: hey i just joined i hope you guys dont mind the fact that im not a furry YET

MadRex: There is a furry FB page looking for mods! Here!

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