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“Please message DeepCrater, Cosmic,Kaybi, or Emerz for a group invite, not the FurryPride account.”

IMVU's First Furry Community ~ since 2006! This group for both the furries and scalies of IMVU and their friends. All are welcome!

Membership: Invite only
Access: Public
Group Owner: FurryPride
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2007-07-04 17:50:35
Members: 12890

The Soapbox

Furry Pride consists of the a Content Creator Sponsorship program, contest, auctions, shops and more!

Group Image Contest Winner: Scarlotte

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Current Active Mods: Tsumz, Deepcrater, Cosmic, Kaybi, Emerz Support each month's winners.

Monthly Derivation Contest Winner: Taenamyr

For all your Furry Mesh needs, check out Furry Derivables! []
* Please try to keep things furry-themed.
* No hate towards other furries, non-furries, etc This includes hate topics, racial slurs etc etc.
* No begging for gifts or asking for credits. If you need credits to submit products, try our developer's program
* No Mini-Mods []
*Any member removed/banned cannot be advertised by another member or alt, any known alts will be removed.

A Note on Furkini's: Although they are considered GA, most of imvu's mods and members are unaware of this decision and will still flag them. Create them at your own risk. Avoid creating skintone kinis.

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Scratching Post



SquishyDumplings: The Sphinx Auction has some riddles to solve on pages 2 and 3! Go check it out!

SquishyDumplings: Mystery auction UNVEILED!

SquishyDumplings: Be sure to check out the Mystery Auction tonight at midnight, where the mystery will be revealed!

Emerz: I did keep all from Razi, though. u_u R.I.P. Razi

Emerz: I did a little cleanining up of old threads that havent been posted in in over 4 years.

Emerz: Be unique~ Create things that we haven't seen before. Make a style all your own & you�...

Destitute: Sorry, hit enter by accident.. Does anyone have any tips for a new dev'r? Open to learning b...

Destitute: Hello furs~ does anyone have some tips for a new dev

NyNy: Hi hi Fellow Furries ...I have some new eyes in my Catty ..they are totally warped ~^,..,^~X3

Emerz: Try searching for it in the catalog lol

OnlytheWorthyCme: I need a new furry ^_^ and I'm picky about my fur and hair and tail

OnlytheWorthyCme: Does anyone know where I can get a very large white furry tail and long long white hair?!

Versus: disregard my earlier message, sorry! found the correct thread for it

Versus: I'd rather not make a forum post, so, am I allowed to notify the community of my newly creat...

Emerz: Np C;

Petrucci: Would I be able to open a fur art shop here?

Moonicity: Thanking Emerz for the group invite c:

DracaAdalWULF: Thanks for the invite appreciate the response, looking for some new friends

Caffeinated: Looking for a custom fur. PM me!