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“Furry, Developers, Freebies, Templates, Skin, Instants”

Freebies for new Furry Developers~ Also Gimp/PS help, personal shops, banners and more to come.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Dao
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2012-02-18 15:54:53
Members: 1877

The Soapbox


- Owned by Dao -

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Featured Developers, Check their shops!
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Rules of Furry Freebies, Read them!

1. No begging.
This means no begging for credits, products, none. You can politely request something, but if you are told no, the answer is no.

2. No Drama.
This is a must. If you have an issue, you can take it to a private message, or contact an officer, but do NOT involve your problems in the group.

3. No complaining.
We're sorry if developing isn't as easy for you as you hoped, or if you lack the credits to submit products, but that isn't our problem, as we've already helped you as much as we can.

4. Be respectful, to EVERYONE.
If you don't like someone, just don't talk to them. If you're conversed with, show common courtesy and at least be civil about your issue with them.

5. No spam/advertising.
Yes, you probably have your own group, but don't advertise them here. You are allowed to advertise your catalog, nothing more. Anyone found advertising or spamming the group will be removed.

6. Keep all threads developer related.
This means don't start threads about your personal life, what you saw on TV, what you saw in the toilet, nothing like that.

7. Absolutely NO Guest_ accounts. You will be removed on sight, this is a developers group and you have no business being here unless cleared by another member.

- Rules are subject to change, without warning -

For Skin Templates, Hair/Eye/Lip instants, & more, Click below.

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- Furry Derivable List -

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Holla Board


princenate: merry christmas

MoneyNoon: I need help on doing my ears... Can someone help?...

KelevraBlackWolf: Im almost finished with my first fur set, I want to thank all you awesome devs for the help.

Vilithrax: Hello, I am new to the creating world. and I was wondering if anyone could teach me the basics :3

Zorra: Hey Fellow Fluffs :3 Just wanted to share my new fur Galax with you Pre: []...

Beefcake: Anyone know anyone that makes and sells templates

Kavi: Desperately looking for facial templates to overlay for more definition.

AlessiaWeyogaGixic: hello all ^^

Janelle60008: meow

wickedkitty: greetings all I make stuff sometimes so this looks like a good group

Guest_CutieCrystalian: Hi I'm new and I want to leanrn more about the furry world :)

Mockingx: Hey guys. Check out my Shop "Risk It All" I have a Gacha! :D

Neikoi: NOTICE: Went through the Members and compiled a list of Guest_ Accounts, They should be removed s...

Christinde: Hai Fluffers, Just so people know I have discount on my customs for 5 people~

EveWSoHardRTS: hello everyone i hope all is having a blessed day ;-)

MontegobayLady_disabled_129910981: Hi all:-)

Neikoi: What do you mean by leopard template, RikaSuro? Like the spots? Because I can help w/ that.

Akis: Im like desperate for a leopard template for female. I have a custom to make with it.AnyoneGotIde...

TsuSixx: Hi there :3 I'm Tsu ^^

XxxSweetDreamX: Invite to my Store ---> []