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“Welcome To Our Group !”

Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Serpantha
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 35405

The Soapbox


Our group moderators are listed here in alphabetical order. If you see threads which violate the group rules, or notice individuals who are being rude or unpleasant to other members, please contact one of the group moderators or the group owner to handle the situation.

Group Owner: Serpantha
Co-Owners: None
Group Moderators: AmazonRenu, Amortentia, Harujuku, LestatDeLioncourt, Obake, Piplup, Sebastian, Synoctis, toxish.

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The following badges are currently seeking donation. If you would like your badge added here, please PM me so that I can add it to the soapbox.

The following badges are newly made and on sale:

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Active Members

    2Be Irreplaceable || L I P S | P | 1 || Sin 1 sin 2 +Dont You Love Me+ Never Be Me badge Cheeky Brat Badge
    Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [1/6] Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [2/6] Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [3/6] Satanic Satanic. Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [4/6] Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [5/6] Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend! [6/6] Do Not Catcall!!
    Cruel to be me hell skull Rihanna - Cry.mp3
    |Svy| Pirate Badge High Sea Dolls
    Guro God
    Taken: Key To My Heart getting married || S E R E N D I P I T Y ||
    ::: Goddess ::: 38RB - Gold Scorpion Im An Effin Princess
    princess angl C: Mamegoma- Mamegoma
    .:.DCodez.:. .:.::Dcodez::.:. .::DCodez::.Flame2 MeSoHorny 33Black 50Black 87Black 105Black .-
    unnamed badge

The Badge Board


mxmxii: Letter badges

Chgee: please message i should of said if you want the badge, its the same as my profile picture

Chgee: first five i have a free chgee badge if i can remmebr how too. its the one with the cute kitten o...

007Eric: "B)" Visit my page for a badge."B)"

TW1ST3DxAng3l: Im looking for anyone who does custom name badges, thank you :)

Macarons: Please donate to my badge. Link in the soapbox above and also in the badge donations thread <3

xSqueeks: im looking for anymore of those big "X" badges.. ty.

Guest_theprincessdoe: Can anyone help me get zodiac badges?

nickimouse69: Any domestic violence badges ?

Opist: Please look at my thread or help.

Msleeara: @Guest_slaycardiib. NO BADGES ON YOUR HOME PAGE:X

SunsuSin: Ap Only! One Badge possibly 2 if your lucky! X( []...

Msleeara: @Felfaina: Thank you for posting the where abouts of the smoke badges :)

Felfaina: xXISusieQIXx, I left links to the smoke badges in the RE:Smoke badges thread

RoseLouiseAmber: 5 free badges on homepage

Serpantha: The board is NOT for advertising your shop. Please use the advertisements thread for that.

llMayhemll: New Skull badge Autogrant in my page

xXlSusieQlXx: looking for the animated smoke badges...all help appreciated ~ty

Guest_Trunkssss: i need some Dragonballz (DBZ) badges plz

Guest_Trunkssss: i need some Dragonballz (DBZ) badges plz

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