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Free emo & chibi stickers

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“Emo & Chibi stickers for u!!!”

We'll buy u any stickers u want or we'll make u the sticker u want for a low low low price!!!

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_Dukescares_retired_78646187
Category: Fun & Other Stuff
Date Formed: 2011-08-10 08:25:12
Members: 817

The Soapbox


I just wanted to post it

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Holla Board


Guest_ikarins: can you buy me stickers?? :3

SnurfGalaxy: can u buy me some stickers plz thanks would mean alot :D

Guest_eyelessjackgirlle_disabled_159425850: i love chibi animals an chibi an kawaii bages an emo badges :3

Guest_xPoetry_retired_146590455: May I pwease get a yaoi chibi sticker >//< Oh and maybe a pastel sticker perhaps? ^^

0Bass: Join the new group []

Guest_Kittashere: Hello everyone, I just got into this group, i like chibi stickers x3 as long as they are pastel :...

Autoqsy: Check my homepage for stickers, I'll be posting more soon :)

Guest_Mark6A6Hawkins: Hello holla how do I get free stickers then? Thank you

0FemmeFatale0: I wish to own a chibi fairy sticker. c:

Inmortuae: So how does this work? I just ask for a sticker? C-could I have a sticker or two... Free... Pleas...

Guest_chresanto43_retired_120309483: My thirst is real, I want a chibi sticker

Guest_MrsFynaticxZ_retired_99323337: I want a sticker that shows the meaning of psychotic.

xlHolly_disabled_104390128: >> a make a cheap sticker group..

DemonPanda: can i please have a sticker? xD

Guest_WtfIIZhy_118893930_retired_118893930: i need more sticker :(

Guest_VampireRulesRo2_retired_121033249: I want 2 stikers : 1.with black wings 2.with a chibi .. hatsune miku anything cute ^^ :O and 35 e...

FearlessNightmareSup: May I have the one sticker on my wish list? (Chibi Luna sticker) thanked!

PixieLustStarDust: Could I please have some of the stickers on my wishlist please

Guest_KristianeShadow_disabled_117805887: may i have any stickers from my wishlist please? ^3^

Guest_emobunny1213_retired_119361982: any stickers from my wishlist plz :D thank you! X3

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