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“Yay Free Badges”

Free badges for everyone. All ages, all genders. Don't ask credits or gifts. Don't spam. I hate spam. Ask badges only. Note: I created the group name "Free Badges For Everyone".

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Group Owner: Guest_SheHollywoodJ
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-09-21 06:11:16
Members: 14720

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    Silky Letters - E Silky Letters  E Silky Letters  R Silky Letters  T AA U S N 38RB - I Love You
    Link - The Legend of Zelda 1 Link - The Legend of Zelda 2 Sonic Screwdriver Sonic Screwdriver 10th colossal titan Just Be Magnificent Certified Whovian
    emo anime girl
    Devious Smile Finn 92B 93B 94B 95B 96B 97B 99B 100B
    38RB - Free Kuwait
    Nathalie "A" By ShahlaAhsan "T" By ShahlaAhsan R Alphabet Badge ~W~ Alphabet Badge ~L~ *A
    Kisa Kitty  The Night Im Down With You So Ride With Me b l a d e .o1 b l a d e .o2 ANGELLEE731-PRO-DEVELOPER Blow me
    Jesus is Lord LuizEdmond I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. ...Never Ends... :: GRACE ::
    Badge Addict Scraps Surf The Seas 1 Surf The Seas 2 Coraline Spring Blossom
    Bring Me The Horizon
    ~*~ ..I LoVe IMVU mobile .. ~*~ ~ Halloween Spooky ~ ~ Halloween Bat ~ ~ Halloween Pumpkin ~ ~ Halloween Black Cat ~ ~ Halloween Skeleton ~ ~ Happy Halloween 2014 ~

Asking For Badges!


MrsJxAmore: Two free badges! Feel free to get them X(

HeyBartender: 3 free badges --> []

1CoCoChaneL: can u help me find some diamonds badges..and cocochanel badges..plz ty...coco

SEXIBELLAH: Searching for Rock and Heavy Metal names of bands!!

8A8X: Im really glad to be a Part of this Group

1MAGE: lookin for a guy in hoody badge plz can anyone help

NekoKamii: Free autogrant and exclusive sale badges on my page

TenderLilly: another new badge on my page,enjoy

ghostmoonz: 4 life and turn down 4 what badge here >>> []...

Raja: B) I LoVe IMVU mobile badge.. grab it from my homepage B)

MrsJxAmore: Two free badges! Feel free to get them X(

OmniBravo: If you don'y have them, I have 3 free badges on my home page

Loris: Auto-grant pizza badge on my homepage. c:

xiScarlett: free Fumiko cupcake badge on my hp <3

Finaste: Hey 2 free badges on my home page come get them :)

darkdragondreamer1: i would like to have a badge with two wolf`s that is 1- dark female & male wolf`s,please

KATEE: 2 Halloween badges on my hp

TenderLilly: new badge on my page,enjoy

Guest_trishajane17: can u send me new badges please..

VanillaSkye73: Can i have some badges please