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“Yay Free Badges”

Free badges for everyone. All ages, all genders. Don't ask credits or gifts. Don't spam. I hate spam. Ask badges only. Note: I created the group name "Free Badges For Everyone".

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Group Owner: Guest_SheHollywoodJ
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-09-21 06:11:16
Members: 14445

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    Music music makes the world go round Tranquility Schnucki Kawaii Butterfly Louisiana Completely His Tea Time Kitty Happy Halloween Pumpkin hello kitty
    iHEARTyou Love Rainbow Rainbow Love Derpy MLP Badge WonderHaru Unicorns PinkController Part.2 PinkController Part.1 Misunderstood pinkiepie
    ........ I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. ...Never Ends... :: GRACE ::
    38RB - OnLine 38RB - OffLine
    ROC One 4 Love ROC One To You Jerry - E Jerry - R2 Jerry - W Jerry - n2 DOM Mine im HIS... TAKEN
    true love
    British Voices Thank You Badge %) JennaMyst3 JennaMyst8 JennaMyst10 . ALL BLACK Letters A ALL BLACK Letters H ALL BLACK Letters S ALL BLACK Letters A2 ALL BLACK Letters S2
    Breast Cancer Badge CuTiEPiE 10 Rainbow Rose Young Rose Daft Punk Fines rose Playstation Logo Demure Cheshire grin.1 Cheshire grin.2
    Foxykins Wolf Silhouette Orasai Designs STEALING=BAD TIMES FOR YOU 69ipod69 Gtfo. Stfu
    Anno´s Love . . . . .. ..

Asking For Badges!


l3randiAuraSpartan: 2 samhain badges on my hp auto grant for the fall season only :)

XlDemiiSixxlX: I'm looking for the badge of the swo skeletons embracing. :/ Any help would be greatly appre...

Katnis: NEW "Happy Halloween Pumpkin" FREE on my HP!! (: D

TenderLilly: new badge on my page,enjoy tc lilly

LunaDarkStar: TWO FREE BADGES! Not AP [] X( X(

XxBabyGirlCrimmyxX: []

tigerlithium: hi all have two badges on my hp welcome to grab them have a good day cheers :)

Guest_0SoSavage: i need trill badge please

XxBabyGirlCrimmyxX: UnholyZMC ying yang badge is here []

XxBabyGirlCrimmyxX: Betty Wolf badge is here []

HeyBartender: 3 Free badges here []

UnholyZMC: I am wanting a ying yang badge,any links?

BettyBoopRose: I am looking for a betty boop and a wolf badge

iFreakQuency: []...

zacyeo: 2 free bages on my page :)

Guest_xIITheShyOneIIx: Cute badges... ^o^.. ty :3

Zerpiah: 2 Free badges on my homepage :)

lPoizedIDG2Fz: Grab My Trill Grill Badge FREE!!!!!:P :P

NaturalSpirit: 9 Free Badges []

xfaceperson: symbol badges and number badges?