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“Hey there. My real name is Ashley. My partner in this group her name is Tatiana. If you can, gift me”

Want free badges? Inbox me on Imvu (amweirdoxx) or inbox Immajustdomeh (Tatiana).

Membership: Open
Group Owner: AmWeirdoxx
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2013-01-28 15:51:16
Members: 17380

The Soapbox

Hey Beautiful People. Ashley here. If you need a certain sticker let me know and I'll get right to it.

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    Keep Peace



Guest_dxnid: Haii guys, im new here :3 have a great day yall

xxMochaRoyaltyxx: hi if anyone can help me find a interracial couple in love that would be great thank you :)

JokerzWylde: The "Changing Holiday" badge is now set to EARTH DAY.

MrsTigerRebelRouser: free tiger badges at bottom of profile page.... help yourself... :-)

Guest_CowgirlCrush: Thank You Guy's for all the great badges !!!! Keep em Coming =)

Guest_delilamcgolden: Ello strangers xD jk

SunsuSin: 1 Badge @ [] X(

wBlackWolfw: Save 15k []

Guest_dilarmang: hey all friends :)

Guest_Peaao: Looking for Attack On Titan / Soul Eater Badges. Basically anything anime other than Sailor Moon...

Poetre: HAY THIS IS IMPORTANT. I need to fine Markiplier Badges. Can you help me? Thanks >:3 X(

DJRobbie: go to they have 678 pages full of badges

Guest_Yasir536: Hi... would anyone gift me some badges...? please

MrsJxAmore: two FREE badges on my homepage!!!

Guest_llzildjianll: anyone who whas a free badge? please...

JokerzWylde: Changing Holiday badge is now Happy Easter! :)

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