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“Hey there. My real name is Ashley. My partner in this group her name is Tatiana. If you can, gift me”

Want free badges? Inbox me on Imvu (amweirdoxx) or inbox Immajustdomeh (Tatiana).

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: AmWeirdoxx
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2013-01-28 15:51:16
Members: 14907

The Soapbox

Hey Beautiful People. Ashley here. If you need a certain sticker let me know and I'll get right to it.

Active Members

    B2 Paradise XXXXX A Kawaii Thank You Mikes Free Letters W
    84B 87B 103B 105B 108B 110B
    38RB - OnLine Jhene Aiko Tribute| lDB Badge!
    Happy Hween! Going Batty
    Wait upon the LORD Missing 9 Badge Personal Monster Dude The Frog TFIOS PT 1. TOPAZ Retro TV
    ©Ipek Never let it go Happily Taken
    Respect. Bat Lu Victorian Haunted House Scrabble Boo
    Tommy VIP Customer aQuaWolfey Ahoy. Hogz Quin I Hogz Quin II Hogz Quin IV Hogz Quin V Hogz Quin III Queen of the Moon
    Love Hate . Nothing ... True say I like your face
    Silky Letters - A Silky Letters - J ~ Baby Panda ~ ~*~ ..Whale.. ~*~ ~ Baby Fish ~ Domon Panda Apple
    Dragon Ball Fan Yugi Mutou The One Ring *S* The One Ring *L* sailormoon serena KPOP ~



TenderLilly: new badge on my page,enjoy

Sinvity: [] ** For the question below~

Sinvity: Looking for about 4 weeks I was wondering if someone can help me find this badge [prntscr.c]...

Guest_CountryChic1993: can someone help me find Demure badges please

iBloodRainx: anyone know what happen to the link with avi names like stillwater and such?

NoOneSpec: Would like to make my first badge if anyone wants to help fund it?

CuteLair14: Hai hai, hope were all getting all the free badges we want,

dadGoezDancing: hi all

NoOneSpec: sweet

NaturalSpirit: come and get em []

dadGoezDancing: hi all

QueenAriadaBloodMoon: Can someone help me fine later badges

ARTE: hello, more badge, (8 free auto-grant) ;)

Sweetsurprisex: complete black badges link >> []

Sweetsurprisex: make you scream badge is now on autogrant free []

IceKr3am: Hey can anyone help me find those black box badges.. they are just completly black. PLease :DD

Kimmieraes: New badge up for sale "Good girls sit..bad girls ride" and one autogrant on HP "I...

Sweetsurprisex: (: P) retired seasonal badges available till 9/22/14 []

dadGoezDancing: hi all

KimiRude: hi free badge here