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“Hey there. My real name is Ashley. My partner in this group her name is Tatiana. If you can, gift me”

Want free badges? Inbox me on Imvu (amweirdoxx) or inbox Immajustdomeh (Tatiana).

Membership: Open
Group Owner: AmWeirdoxx
Category: Entertainment & Art
Date Formed: 2013-01-28 15:51:16
Members: 15720

The Soapbox

Hey Beautiful People. Ashley here. If you need a certain sticker let me know and I'll get right to it.

Active Members

    SexyIntrigue 1 Heart SexyIntrigue 4 Heart SexyInrigue 5 Heart SexyIntrigue  9 Heart SexyIntrigue 10 Heart SexyIntrigue 13 Heart SexyIntrigue 14 Heart SexyIntrigue 18 Heart Whot Butterfly
    Jesus is Lord LuizEdmond I Am Saved I Am Loved I Am Free Jesus Loves U. Believe Jesus Loves U. ...Never Ends... :: GRACE ::
    Pagan Pride I bite. Aww. Dragon pt.1 Dragon Pt.2 That is all Dreamcatcher v1 Beauty.
    Lips Like Sugar Zombie Cherries! 73B 82B Blood
    Stop Hate. Prevent Suicide Hedwig the Snowy Owl Love Anime No one Is Perfect
    Thats Me! ROC One To Bite ROC One To Me ROC One To Kill or Be Killed ROC One for Love ROC One To Be or Not To Be 38RB - Alphabet - A 38RB - Alphabet - G 38RB - Alphabet - M 38RB - Alphabet - S
    YUMMY Contessa Different~ Blood Happily Taken Cant Stop Playin Cray cray
    Metallica Badge Route : Evil Xenomorph
    Kyoko Moon  KHL0IE store badge 2 RiaWinx ~ Express Yourself TigWinx ~ You-ve Been Squeaked | - D a r t v o t - | Minion blank badge 1 2013-07-17 14:37:37 blank badge 2 2013-07-17 14:37:37 Infinite Love Love
    Be Glamorous #ThugLife #ThugLife II Trap



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Guest_XxHeartLess1005xX: "bite me" badges anyone?? D:

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Sweetsurprisex: you can also google up specific creators homepages by entering imvu and their name in search box...

Sweetsurprisex: remember checking shop under specific creators names helps to find their pages and badges*

Sweetsurprisex: hmm the link to "fine" badges is here >>> []

NeytiriOmatycaia: Ello x3 I'm looking for DBZ badges. Characters, anything.

XxLethalKat: i cant figure out how to get free badges from "Fine" ..... PLZ HELP!!

Guest_cassidy1111red: can i have badges that spell out CASSIDY and a badge of a heart and one that says free hugs

IssabelleMayfair: Hi looking for Marilyn manson badges..Help.

MarleyClare: Hello!!! I am looking for pretty things :) Bows, crowns, girly stuff too. And pretty letters

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LaExotique: Any artistic badges?

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