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Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 24014

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    country hat run lola run NY ZIP ALL BLACK Letters D ALL BLACK Letters M ALL BLACK Letters T ALL BLACK Letters M2 Mikes Free Letters A Mikes Free Letters O Mikes Free Letters T
    Uzumaki clan badge eee Uzumaki badge Weasel Wares O Water Lightning Wind "K" By ShahlaAhsan
    Ciara Tribute| lDB Badge!
    Sushi Pink Slushie SPARROW Magic Fountain
    I was loved  {2 of 4} I was loved {1 of 4} I was loved {3 of 4} I was loved {4 of 4} IMVU Mobile Rubber Ducky Dance Inescia ~My Animated Phone~
    Dark Skull One God! parental
    boxes boxes1 boxes2 boxes3 boxes4 boxes5 boxes6 boxes7 boxes8 boxes9
    Hold a star... Never let it go Forever? Forever My Star And Moon
    Es Badge The T00L Badge Bad Girls For Life H I S RollingStones Music Saves My Soul I Do What I Want!
    Nintendo Nes 1 Nintendo Nes 2 The Most Purrfect of Them All Octopussy The Deathly Hallows nanananananaBatman! Cure Homophobia Captain America Shield ! I had fun once... it was awful. asexual
    Silky Letters - P Silky Letters  O milenko The Wraith riddlebox ringmaster carnage Her Hero
    Vinyl Love Magixs Mayhem Vintage Shades~ Cherries ;) ride or die 50 Dia De Los Muertos PinUp

The Badge Board


ThighHighs: Ants love Melonpops badge free autogrant until July 4th on my page :)

MrsJxAmore: Two FREE badges on my homepage!! []

JokerzWylde: "Happy 4th of July" badge + more free badges on my page :)

Guest_iSentimente: [] has not a list with badges.

Guest_SweetBaby4lifex: The weeknd badge ?

STRANGERXIII: [] big list of badges !!

Constantineogs: Hey guys I joined yesterday how do I get any badges?

Gothabilly: x4 Badges for Autogrant on my Hp / plus 2 for sale in my catty Zombie/Psychobilly/Toxic/Green The...

Tysal: Autogrant Badges. One Animated On My Home Page

Minideceptionn: anyone know where to get summer themed badges help would be much appreciated thanks <3

ShatteringKat: Thank you for letting me join once I get this account upgraded I will be doing badges :o

TruHaven: hello all have a wonderful weekend !! thanks for having me .

CrisG3: Hey guys! Check out my profile! I have some cool stickers that you might like!

HeyBartender: 3 free badges Visit Here Cheers []

AmazonRenu: Welcome all newcomers, please check out the FAQ thread below. Lots of homepage links w badges the...

Guest_RavensBeFree: Haii,I'm a newbie to this group,thank you for having me ^-^

xB3AMYx: Thank you for allowing me to join! :)

JuliaHowland: Can I get some Badge it be nice to have some thank you

AdriannaLightning: I have 4 free badges :)

JokerzWylde: Winter and Summer Solstice badges on my page now. -Changing Holiday Badge- + MORE FREE ONES!!