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Welcome to Free Badges, the name says it all. Collect and trade badges here and make friends while you do it. AWPJ group.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 22736

The Soapbox


New Soapbox coming soon.

Active Members

    Jack Skellington Sally TinkerBell for my sissys for my bros CancerAwareness Be YOU.. Pinkie Pie Badge! Cheshire Smile :}
    boxes boxes1 boxes2 boxes6 boxes9 Black Square 1 Black Square 2 Black Square 48 Black Square 22 61B
    Kimi ni Todoke Badge
    Uchiha badge g3nn3vi3sALIEN Jack Skellington Sally 38RB - Alphabet - D 38RB - Alphabet - E 38RB - Alphabet - R 38RB - Alphabet - W Playstation Logo Pow.!
    IMVU Mobile
    HEART Capricorn Badge Free. Benevolent Doe~ You Are Beautiful
    ~Little Angel Of Love For those that have collared my heart. Addicted Addicted. Darwin Reflection // I Reflection // II Kin
    wanna be loved by you Worth fighting for 1 Worth fighting for 2 THE CLEANSING KISS
    korea SNSD (fans) - Seohyun Block.B We Are One OT12 Big Bang V.I.P Infinitize inkeu // exo Big Bang VIP
    boxes boxes1 boxes2 boxes3 boxes4 boxes5 boxes6 boxes7 boxes8 boxes9
    Just Be Magnificent Jack Skellington Edward Scissorhands I Luv me some Ink. killdreamsX Uta Kaneki Ken
    38RB - Cute Girl

The Badge Board


Guest_mamaprincesslife: dose anyone have badge i can ask for ive got nothin

Springer: Get a cookie badge on my HP! c:

JokerzWylde: Changing Holiday Badge is now set to 100 years of ANZAC...Lest We Forget

mayaq1026: free badge []

LillyLite: New 40 x 40 wolf badge on my hp, help yourself ";)"

Asomi: Fairy Tail Pride badge on my page c:

PearlAndrews: WYNGA....TY so much for the badges :)

HeyBartender: 3 free badges Cheers []

DizKid14: -"Hey message board .

Larvitar: anybody have a Larvitar from pokemon badge for free? message me

DarXQueen: Hello everyone free badge on my hp :)

Wynga: there is a cross with roses in 2 badges on my hp

Guest_DreamlessFlower: Looking for letter badges please msg me links

DizKid14: -"Seems all I do now is collect badges lml .

Guest_DioHae: Hi guys (^o^)/

AmazonRenu: Iron Maiden : []

RecentlyDisturbed: Anyone know where I can find Iron Maiden and Slayer badges?

JokerzWylde: The "Changing Holiday" badge is now set to EARTH DAY.

Guest_lovelyswagcute: hi my name is lovelyswagcute can you share some badges please i really need it i really appreciat...

Msleeara: MrsTigerRebelRouser, no badges on your page ":("