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Everyone is welcome to join our badge group, come on in and collect badges! We welcome all kinds in here. New badge fans and old badge fans: this is a place of equality for everyone.

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 31049

The Soapbox


Active Members

    Left Fox right fox Shop My Catalog Black Wolf
    Silky Letters - E Silky Letters  N Silky Letters    B FREINDS4EVER 8Black 13Black 9asi_
    Purrfection Suck Lick SinderellaXXLBadge
    Alwyz Thorns on Every Rose See you there  X777   X777
    His Psycho His Psycho. DawningDevelopers - Join The Fun Dreams NerdGirl MallorysOracle Catalog Thank you!! Kakashi, The Copy Ninja, Naruto Gaara of the Sand.. Naruto
    CALLOVE Atlantis !# Shop Homosexual
    sailor 1
    Party! Magic Heads off. I am just so cute :) changes :D
    Thank you from IMVU 1Black Thank you from IMVU 2Black 1Black 2Black 3Black 4Black 5Black 6Black 7Black 8Black Bubbles Pride Anim Heart asdasdd Bubble Letters B1 Bubble Letters E1 Bubble Letters L1 Bubble Letters M1 Bubble Letters O1 Bubble Letters W1
    NyGiAz // sharp grip //  // sharp grip // SINNED Hannibal and the symbolic buck sadgyal no 007
    :::Magical::: Jadin Famous Roleplayer Famous Roleplayer. BenSpur Panties BenSpur Panties Trend Elite Roleplayer Elite Roleplayer. Yellow Mysic Sphere Orange Mystic Sphere

The Badge Board


HotDesigns4u: Free badges and links to thousands of other badges []...

SummerMucci: looking for a summer badge

CJames94: Does anyone have a badge of the Swedish Flag ^^

Guest_SoulmatesLight: Looking for badges haha can anyone help me? :D

Guest_LavenderAngelXO: cute pink badges please <3

Chicago: < Click my name for awesome free badges :)

XxMrNPCxX: Free Badge [Numbers] []

Rainpool: Im looking for black badges, can anyone help?????"X("

shiva93: hey all

Guest_princessvanityy: Nicki Minaj badges??

Guest_panizshakeri: is someone know how could send badges??

Guest_panizshakeri: is someone know how could send badges??

Guest_panizshakeri: im looking for batman badges :) help pls

007Eric: :) Free badges on my HP ;)

MrsGia46: Looking for crown badges?

Callirhoe: Thanks very much @Lestat!

Guest_KissmyEmoAss: I need solid colour badges and letters help?

Msleeara: @cloutlord28: Chief keef glo face []

LestatDeLioncourt: !!! Callirhoe !!! - I am loving the new products. Wonderful products featured in the Soap Box B)

Guest_cloutlord28: Chief keef glo face badges? (tu)

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