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Welcome to Free Badges, the name says it all. Collect and trade badges here and make friends while you do it. AWPJ group.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: Calypsio
Category: IMVU
Date Formed: 2011-04-02 14:18:35
Members: 19387

The Soapbox


Group Owners

Calypsio & Amortentia

Active Members

    FINDING HOPE Protect Ur Boobs #PackerBacker Breast Cancer Awareness Form That is all
    [NK] Doll badge ::::Halloween:::: Boo Part1 Boo Part2 Violet Witches Hat
    DiabetesAwareness AnimalAbuseBadge October Yuno 1/2 Yuno 2/2 Cancer Awareness Ribbon Forum Snake Forum Snake. HIV AWARENESS
    *[H] NYA!* sweet Young Rose Nyaann cat Sweet Shampoo !ElleinesLove
    Cheshire cat Sally/Jack Jack/Sally Dino Boy Dino Boys Boo
    Sashas Collar Dino-Rainbow-saur Furry Loving Johnny Depps Bathwater  1 Johnny Depps Bathwater   2
    Miss Rarity! Fluttershy! Proud of myself I love my Mom Mikes Pink Letters J1 Galaxy Letters A1 Galaxy Letters S1 Galaxy Letters A2 Galaxy Letters H2 Galaxy Letters S2
    CaSaNoVa meow 1 Pastel Controller
    Baby Moon Dango Unicorn Bunny Trick or treat - part 1 (temp change) A~ E~ L~ N~ I 2~
    (((HUGS))) Say cheeeese -click- 80sGenPub*Officer* 80sGenPub~Officer~ 80sGenPub~MOD~ 80 Lead rawr THE LION
    Tuna Love Conch Shell part1 Conch Shell part2 Conch Shell part3 Conch Shell part4 A World of Animals
    Bring Me The Horizon

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AmazonRenu: It's called Nyan cat, check this thread []...

Guest_XpXuXsXsXyX: HI! ^v^ i'm looking for the poptart kitty badge with the rainbow!! i'll be forever grea...

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Guest_SummerSunsets: Thanks, Raja and everyone who is giving away badges, It gives me something to do :P

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Raja: B) I LoVe IMVU mobile badge.. grab it from my homepage B)


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