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“Get your credits for low prices here! ”

Multi-world virtual currency exchange. Buy/sell your IMVU credits easily, or trade them for other virtual currencies like Second Life Lindens.

Membership: Open
Access: Public
Group Owner: firstmeta
Category: Content Creators & Entrepreneurs
Date Formed: 2009-06-04 07:51:11
Members: 37306

The Soapbox

The official group of First Meta Exchange, Registered Credits Reseller.

As low as $41 for 100K credits.
Check current prices

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Sep 24, 2013: FAQ/User Guide updated!

Sep 9, 2013: Didn't receive your credits?
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Holla Board


Sky: hi all

Ayye: Thank you for the invite, Shop Ayye

Angelswolfe: great vip can have 2 shopping but why have they made friends list only , spoils it for me

Angelswolfe: great vip can have 2 shopping but why have they made friends list only , spoils it for me

IIMrsSupII: R.I.P and she is with the Lord now and my greaving is with yours.Sorry ans sad

Esaunas: So sorry to hear of the loss of your CEO. My thoughts and prayers are with her family

Guest_Lollipop8DD: Hey people, check out my album out with my pictures, would love to make a picture for you, for cr

XMrsSupX: love this creadit place its the best

XMrsSupX: love this creadit place its the best

XMrSupX: you rock thanks x(

Guest_luizagreenyellow: i need of credits

Guest_Animalika93: limited reached transfer for imvu credits,how much should i wait till i can transfer?

Guest_Animalika93: Hi,i'm trying to sell some credits to fmx but i can't deposit them,it's giving me...

Guest_iiVeini: hello all

Guest_iiVeini: hello all

XMrSupX: awesome thanks

MsCashmereMist: Thank you for the invite!!!!

xXAlmaLyXx: Hello, got great deal with Meta TY

LadyKoga: hey all im new to meta its nice to meet all of you &#9829;

IIxSHORTFUZ3DxII: good afternoon all