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Fireas Drakon Caverns

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“A group for any Drakon and their family”

aldoer, travelers, ekess sia clan. shio re aldoer, vur shio nomag zexenuma. yth tir ti recruit siliti usv pets, shar otherwise, xurwk doutan sva okarthel. message me if you want to join

Membership: Open
Group Owner: Guest_123katherineginger_retired_81230886
Category: Role-Playing
Date Formed: 2011-08-03 22:56:09
Members: 14

The Soapbox


Queen Katherine "Kelly" Drakonell of the Fireas Drakon Clan

Prince Sui Berkaan of the Taibreamh Drakon Clan, Fiance

King Cervus Karnis Drakonell of the Fireas Drakon Clan, Adopted brother

Lord Griaule AncientDrakon, father

Lady Mika AncientDrakon, mother

Lakhi Jaadu, older sister

Natalia Rose Moonbane, older sister

Lady Amarantha Ilthiir, half cousin

Duchess Moartea, Adopted Aunt

Duchess Celestia, Adopted Aunt

Lady Mizza, daughter of Duchess Moartea and adopted cousin

Remy, good friend and partner to Ducess Celestia

Lord Dravin Wolfsbane of the Realm of the Fallen Knights, good friend

Lord Lucian of the Kingdom of the Draconic Rose, good friend

Active Members

    06-30-09 Dived badbatbadge silverheart Blue Wolf
    Queenofthedarkside MatthewJhn Badge The Cross

Holla Board


Guest_123katherineginger_retired_81230886: It's hard not to rock the polka dots.They're POLK DOTS!!!!

moartea0viata: I rock polka dots B-) Haha <3

Guest_123katherineginger_retired_81230886: and luv ya too auntie

Guest_123katherineginger_retired_81230886: hey, 1st is the worst, 2nd is the best, 3rd is the nerd in the polka dot dress... XD

moartea0viata: Third, muahaha, love you my dearest niece :-)

Guest_123katherineginger_retired_81230886: -raises eyebrow- you really enjoy posting first, don't you?

Dollification: ^^ hehe

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